November 18, 2016

The Cold Shoulder Tops

My wardrobe is very confused at the moment. For one, it has some color in there - I know, shocker! However they're still neutrals but at least my very worn out white shirts have finally taken their much needed days off. And then secondly, I've jumped right into the latest trend there is - off the shoulder tops - which I've managed to stop doing for a while now. Well not anymore, or at least, for now.

I think you would agree with me when I say they're everywhere at the moment but for an obvious reason, since these are very flattering and fun tops you can add into your existing pile of blouses and shirts to give it a twist or a playful mix. They're all I have been wearing on loop for events and for when I go out. And I've worn them so much I've started receiving questions about where I buy them, where they are from and for how much so I thought I'd answer them all in here.

Where they are from. They're brandless. Although I can tell you the designs have been inspired by tops from Zara and ASOS mostly.

Where I buy them. From this tiangge stall located at the MRT Shaw station. You can also try buying from Zalora (here's the link!) however the price is slightly higher than that of the tiangge's (of course).

What they are made of. It varies. The striped top is made of polyester cotton, which makes the sleeves extra puffy. The next two are of chambray material that feels more like what a denim shirt would. The tube top is the only one made of cottony, stretchable material. 

For how much. Their usual price, as in the amount they tell you when you ask them straight out "Ate, magkano yun?" is Php 300, if I remember correctly. But they can go for as low as Php 200 - depending on the number of your purchases but you can usually arrive at a closed deal for Php 230 which isn't so bad at all.

The only downside. BUT a major factor is the sizes, or lack thereof. These tops are usually under the 'one size fits all' range so it's really a hit or miss if your arms will fit in the holes or if you'd be able to pull it down from your head to your neck. Or if it will fit you at all, which is such a shame.

I personally find it as a way to incorporate a bit of fun and style into your wardrobe especially if you're a working girl and you're tired of all the usual office outfits. The off the shoulder cuts are extremely flattering and refreshing without even trying. And seeing it made me embrace a trend in all of its bare bare 'em shoulders glory, I think it's safe to say, it'll also be worth your time and trip to the nearest tiangge near you even just to try if it's something you would fancy, too. Let me know how it goes!

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