November 13, 2016

The Brown Nudes by Maybelline

Creamy Matte | Brown Nudes
Brown Nudes | Burgundy Blush
Brown Nudes | Clay Crush
Brown Nudes | Nude Nuance
Brown Nudes | Nude Embrace

Obsessed is probably an understatement of the century as I haven't really worn anything else on my lips since these came out. The Creamy Matte Brown Nudes by Maybelline is probably one of the most awaited and most talked about lipstick collection from the brand especially here in the Philippines where you have IT Girl Georgina Wilson as your endorser. Case in point? She was wearing Nude Nuance in one of her print ads for the launch, so naturally it was the most sold out shade among the range. The rest of the shades are Nude Embrace, Daringly Nude, Clay Crush and Burgundy Blush.

The general formula of these are called creamy matte which also translates as a demi-matte, an almost-but-not-quite matte finish but with an impact of bold color to go with it. Since it's not entirely matte, it means it transfers easily and longevity isn't as long as a usual matte lipstick would be. I also find that with this particular range, the formula seems to vary depending on the shade. Let me give you a rundown...

Burgundy Blush is the darkest shade from the collection. It is a reddish brown color leaning more on the warmer side of things that the payoff almost appear like burnt leaves - the pretty kind. For a bold lip color, it doesn't bleed on the sides, however it transfers easily so blotting it off with a tissue or dusting off loose powder on top are some tricks you can apply to make it work for your lips. If you're looking for a bold statement, look no further - this shade definitely takes the cake.

Clay Crush is a shade I didn't think I'd like at first. It's nude beige with peach undertones, borderline orange in color. I find that the formula of this alone is quite flaky and unforgiving to dry lips. Since it's still matte (however demi-) and on the lighter end of things, it can highlight the traces and lines of your chapped lips - so girls, exfoliate and moisturize first. I love how the color payoff seems to instantly brighten and lift up my face with its subtle but noticeable tint of peach.

Nude Nuance has got to be my favorite, favorite - if that is even acceptable. This has been my default lip color eversince I bought in on the first day the collection launched. As much as I wanted to get everything, I can't so I swatched all 5 shades and this was the winner almost by default. It's an easy color, it's flattering and good for everyday use. It is also quite pigmented, one layer already gives off an opaque finish, so you can choose your way on how you want to apply it. Straight from the bullet always works, but I find that when you dab it onto the lips, it helps give off a more relaxed and off-duty look.

Nude Embrace is an muted nude beige that can potentially wash you out if you're a morena like me and not careful. You also need to layer it up more than the usual to get any color payoff. It's so light that it cancels and evens out the color of your lips, more like a lip concealer actually with a brown tone to it. I had to decide between this and Daringly Nude but since I wanted to go for the less forgiving - I picked this. Daringly Nude gives off a nude beige color too but with light pink tones so I knew it wasn't going to be right up my street.

Few things to add for the road. 1) You may want to wait for flash sales or sales, period. Maybelline always comes up with sale promos during the end of each season so wait it out. I bought Nude Nuance for its regular price (P299) and then came back for the 3 other shades when they went on sale, P100 off, a few weeks after; 2) sanitize and swatch the testers real-time on your lips if you can because the arm swatch can be deceiving. It will depend on your skintone and undertone so what might work as nude for me may wash you out and vice versa. You'd want to be sure than be sorry to have a new lipstick within your reach but not be able to use it at all; and lastly, 3) as if I haven't said it enough, if I can only pick one shade form this range, it'd be Nude Nuance. I reckon it will flatter any skin tone and a perfect lip colour for date nights and lunch with the ladies. It's basically easy everything - color, formula, texture and price. That's like hitting a jackpot in the lipstick territory.

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