November 20, 2016

My Shopping Experience at ZaloraPH

I used to be not a fan of online shopping, I still find it more satisfying to do things the old school way - walk into a store, pick an item you fancy, try it on, pay for it and then leave the store happily.  Not to mention, more often than not - it's a hit or miss with these things. However, times have changed and most of the things that you actually fancy are now within your reach, specifically on the right side of your newsfeed, staring right back at you, with an almost imaginary flashing neon sign saying BUY ME. I'm looking at you, Zalora Facebook Ads. You're lucky if you're able to look the other way but little old me gave in the other day and here's the story of my recent purchase.

Zalora, as they call themselves, is the Asia's online fashion destination. They have been around for a while and I have had previous transactions with them, the first one was back in 2015 when I purchased the #IAmPreviewGirl Moisturising Lippie in Too Cool. I wanted to post about them then, with it being my first time to buy online and avail of their services but I guess the thought got lost along the way. My next purchases would be swimsuits from the brand called Kats Clothing which I mentioned here. During both times, I don't remember having problems with the transaction or the delivery so my record of online shopping so far is tiptop and here's to hoping it would stay that way.

So onto my latest Zalora purchase which I'm finally writing about. I got these Nose Casual Slider Mules before they sold out. I'd link it but I can't find the exact item on their website anymore, how sad. But I know what you're thinking, they are a dead-ringer for that Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers except for two very obvious things. The first one is the colour as these are white and last I checked they don't make them in black just yet. And the next one is the hefty difference between their price tags. This pair retails for Php 1249.00 and let's just say, multiply that amount by 21 times the least, that's the price for the Gucci ones right there. So I guess it's safe to say these are such a bargain especially for its style and quality. The bodice is made of leather but the soles are made of wood. And can we obsess about the rose gold detailing? Because if I've ever had second thoughts before "Add To Cart", it was a done deal when I saw a close up shot and staring right back at me are rose gold soles and dainty buckles. It was love at first sight! As for the sizing, I suggest you size up given the slip on design. I'm normally a size 37 but I got these in size 38 and they were just a perfect fit. I think if I'd gone for my normal size, I wouldn't be able to fully slide my feet in. And with all my excitement, that would've been a real downer right there!

Are they not so gorgeous! As you can probably tell, the worn out marks are already visible but that's okay since it's expected from this kind of material and style. I'm obviously very in love with them and have already given them a lot of wear out considering I've just received them a couple of weeks ago. And if I'm being honest, they're not fresh off the box when these are photographed because I wasn't able to contain my excitement to break them out. In fact, I've discovered other features of ZaloraPH because of this. Did you know you can talk to their Customer Service Crew thru chat and they answer almost automatically? I placed my order a day before the long weekend so I expected a slower movement in between but when I tracked back, there's been no update for more than 5 working days and I wanted to know what's up. I found out through our chat that it has been forwarded to their international supplier and I will be notified as soon as the shipment's been made. True enough I received a message informing me that it has been shipped and will be delivered by Zalora Express on that same day.

Few tips for the road. At Zalora, you can choose your mode of payment. Some items like this are available for COD, but you can also pay thru credit cards and Paypal accounts. Shipping fee is free when your purchase is above Php 995, so mine is for free this time around. Delivery days may vary depending on your location and since I am from the province, 5-7 working days are my default waiting time. They also have a 30 day free return policy, you can find a return slip inside your package which I was thisclose to using until my feet finally adjusted with the design and can now fully slide in without a bit of my ankle peeking outside of the soles. And lastly, I was wrong. With online shopping, you can still get that same happy feeling. When the delivery guy calls out your name and hands you your package, it's like Christmas everytime - except it's a present from me to me but I'm definitely not complaining. And thank you ZaloraPH, just another hit. I know I have yet to miss but I really hope that never happens. 

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