November 07, 2016

MAC Fast Play Amplified Creme Lipstick

I am the kind of woman who endlessly thinks about her next MAC lipstick purchase, or any MAC purchase for that matter, even if I have no plans of buying anything at the moment. It's just a list that won't come to an end anytime soon I'm afraid, but it's also something I'm less proactive about. It's not like I walk purposely inside a mall and tell myself -- "I will buy a new MAC lipstick today". Hardly ever the case actually. I just keep a list at bay, that way when when a situation presents itself, I just tick one shade and range at a time.

At the moment, you can hardly call mine a MAC Lipstick Collection, I only have three. I have Patisserie, the pinkish nude with a lustre finish, Ruby Woo, a retro matte red and the latest addition called Fast Play, a what I like to call my-lips-but-extremely-better shade. It's a rosy pink color with brown undertones but transfers as a nude on me. The formula is an amplified creme finish by default and that explains its rich and creamy texture. It's also moisturising on the lips with a bit of gloss to it but still gives off an opaque finish even with just one swipe. It's also reasonably long lasting although I initially find the longevity a little too quick for a MAC lipstick but I find that the good ole blotting technique works especially for the amplified creme finish range. I cannot stress enough how addicting the scent of a MAC lipstick is. It's not overwhelming at all, it just smells nice and fresh. It's not really that strong but it's very distinct and you can guarantee the person next to you can smell it especially after your retouch.  

Fast Play is easily one of my favorite neutrals because the shade is very close to my natural lip color. It's an easy color with an easy formula. Although I can tell there's a drugstore dupe of this somewhere, it is still nice to have a sophisticated tube of lipstick you can carry out with you when you're out on a fancy date and you just want your lips to look and even smell better. That's a weird way of putting it out there but you know what I mean. And oh, about that next MAC purchase thing I was talking about? I'm already thinking about MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Doe and Toast & Butter, you two have just been right up on that list. See? It won't come to an end - not just yet.

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