October 27, 2016

Life Lately 1.0

Hello there. So... Things are a bit slow on the blog front for a couple of months now, as you can probably tell by the absence of posts. But if you follow me on Instagram, my username's @jyscmll, you would have seen that I'm more out there the past months that I have been gone here. Head over to check how it's been going on in my weird world without vowels. I'm still getting the hang of Instagram Stories though, but we'll get there. Baby steps...

Speaking of baby steps, I have also been taking some more of it towards a few changes for the blog. Nothing major, I really just wanted a more personal blog name, an easier page to navigate and slightly more aesthetically pleasing website both to your eyes and mine. I have been working with someone who's designing it for me for months now and hopefully we can get to the bottom of things during this last quarter of the year. Fingers crossed.

It's not an easy job to create something you, your own boss, would approve of. I know that now. Especially when it comes to a passion project you are so invested in. However, it's always rewarding to see when your vision slowly and finally comes to life. I have to pick out which font, and what size to use. How to find and use a host for all my blog images. What theme and filter to use for the photos. Navigate and transfer everything from one host to another. It takes a lot of time, energy, patience and passion and those things do not come around in bulk, they will run dry at some point.

Which is mainly the reason why I haven't been posting or haven't posted anything at all. I feel like I've been putting off publishing anything until the last changes have been made, final touches have been added and the new site's ready to launch. But since it's been taking a lot of time than I expected it to, my fingers are now itching to go back into typing and my camera's gathered enough dust on the shelf that I think it's time to dip my toes back into beauty blogging like I used to. With or without the newness of it all. So check back my little corner of the interwebz in the next days, I have a few things beauty and style lined up. Do drop by if that's something you're interested in. I'll see you then!

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