July 02, 2016

The Necklace: A Deep V

I am not exactly one to accessorise, let alone excessorise - I have had a more detailed post on this as to why, read about here, but I do love a jewelry statement piece every once in a while. There was a time I would only wear a gold wrist watch from Swatch and nothing else. Or a pair of pearl earrings with studs and that would be it. Part of the many reasons why is because I am a very acidic person which means if I wear anything fancy, it'll rust up in no time and change its color before my eyes. I used to buy few trinkets from the high street stores like F21 and H&M, especially when they come in rose gold but I've learned the hard way that the most wear out I can get from them is just up to 3 times, if I'm lucky. So eventually, I decided to take a pass on them altogether.

Until I came across a collection of necklaces that is somehow acidic-resistant, if that's something I can call them. My sister have had one for the longest time, although with a different design and she was brave enough to let me try it on and actually wear it out. Given my history I didn't want to at first, I was afraid of ruining the piece all at once but when I finally did, we were all surprised that my acidic nature didn't react badly to it. So I made a mental note to myself that the next time we across the same collection, I'll make sure I'd get one for myself.

And that is how I ended up with this dainty deep V gold necklace. I love how incredibly thin the chain is, it almost goes unnoticed. And then suddenly there's the deep V at the bottom holding the two sides together. I got this from a local pop-up jewelry boutique inside Robinsons Malolos called Edz & Len, if you must know. And this is how I've been wearing it. You know how much I love my vneck tees, I think it's safe to say they have found a partner with each other. I think it's now been established that when it comes to accessories, for me - the subtle, the better. I mean, it may be subtle but it's still there. But definitely, no tassels and feathers - it stays on as a dream, for now.

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