July 04, 2016

The Liquid Lipstick Under 200 Pesos

Surprise, surprise! I'm finally here to talk about something we are all familiar with, as you can probably tell. It feels so good to be back into writing not-so-differently this time around. Anyway, enough of the blabbing, onto more serious things now, like lipstick of course. The liquid lipstick trend took the beauty world by storm especially when the likes of Kylie Jenner started dipping their toes in the business - with her coming up with an own line of Kylie Lip Kit and she's just one of the many. But if you can remember, I've already talked about my very own fondness for this trend on this post. However, I'm now back armed with something new and specifically a liquid lipstick under 200 bucks - downright budget friendly as opposed to the rest of the ones in the market, if you ask me.

Like I said, I have had the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick for reference so when these collection started coming out, I was more than happy to swatch here and there. I decided to pick up Pink Pearla pink mixed with tones of muted mauve brown that's good for everyday use and Rich Vino which I find appropriately named as it is a deep plum red that reminds me of how your lips would look like after taking a sip of a wine. These are just two among the six shades from the ED Advance Liquid Lipstick Collection. And it's amazing how the shades look exactly the same on the packaging as how they are going to transfer on your lips. For a price of Php 180, I have to say, I'm quite impressed with these. The packaging is not too shabby either. While I find some of them can get too liquidy or wet for my liking even if the claim to have a matte finish and the others have got a flimsy doe foot applicator, even the Bourjois one has a funny smell to it - it's surprising how I find none of those flaws with these.

The only downside I can think of is the shade range, this morena girl could really use some mauvey browns thrown in there too but so far, there were just pinks and reds. Also, unlike most of the liquid lipstick in the market, these are not matte. Not. At. All. They have a satin finish which explains the slight gooeyness of the appearance on my lips in the photos. However, what probably makes this a no-brainer purchase for many is that they are locally available, easy to get hold of and very affordable. One swipe is opaque enough but I like to build it up to two layers. Which is why the colors are too intense in the photos, I wanted to make sure you'll see the color payoff clearly. I have to say, they are actually bloomin' nice. Agree? And since they were in no way matte, I had to apply some few tricks and tips to get the finish I prefer, I blot the excess off with a tissue, when I wear them out. But then again for a bargain price of Php 180, these liquid lipsticks are not so bad themselves. Whether for fun or for practicality, I don't see why you wouldn't want to just give in and try these ones out. Let me know when you actually do!

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