July 08, 2016

My Kid Cousin Does My Make Up

"Oh it's 11:11. I wish for a romance like Clark and Leah." My kid cousin from Down Under, boys and girls with an On The Wings of Love reference. She's called Yana and she comes home once a year to be with us and she just stuns me every time. She does the flick like nobody's business, for one.

This is during one of the days she had asked me if she can do my make up. She's still too young to have all of the make up on her face so I am the willing volunteer. It was hard to keep a straight face during the whole make up session especially if every single time she looks at my face after every make up application, she would always laugh and then say, "Oh that's not so bad." And I would have to agree. She does the flick like no other, but I already said that. Hands down, one of the skills I never had when I was her age. Also, she prefers pink and glitters on the lid. That's maybe because she's just 12. And girls her age like pink and all of the glitters. I had my eyes closed and had no mirror within my reach because I wasn't allowed to look at her masterpiece until she told me so - her rules, my face apparently. A few more strokes and giggles after, I was finally allowed to do so. That's when I grabbed the mirror and the camera altogether to snap images of my face at once.

This kid knows her stuff. She was the one who handpicked all of the things she'd be using and you can tell from her selection how young she is and how she wants her make up to look like - all of the pinks and sparkles. She would only ever ask me what proper make up brush to use for foundation and eye make up. And she despises eyebrows. "Eyebrows are never my thing", her words exactly. I don't need to say that it's flick I like the most though because, would you look at that - that's using a pencil liner. And I would have to agree, it is not so bad - not at all.

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