June 13, 2016

An Unlikely Swimsuit Haul

I know it's a bit weird to actually talk about swimsuits when everyone's starting to complain about the rain and thunderstorms. But that's why I called it in early - it's rather unlikely, even for me. Both because the summer season is slowly fleeting away and another thing is because the last thing you'd probably think of is me doing actual swimsuit shopping. There's just no way! But you see, I also have two beach trips coming up and since they are now on sale... excuses, excuses. Where's the old Joys and what have you done to her, woman? 

The Impulse Buy. As I said, I'm not the type of girl who wakes up in the morning and think to herself "Oh, I better go online and buy a swimsuit today." But this interesting one piece with gold u-detail on its bikini top that cuts right thru the front to create an illusion of two-piece by exposing a bit of skin from a brand called Kats Clothing caught my attention. It's bound to happen as the ad kept popping on my Facebook feed as if willing me to give in and have a look. Soon enough I found myself browsing thru Zalora's pages and before I know it, a purchase has been made. The fabric was a combination of nylon and spandex so it will fit you like a glove and keep everything tucked in the right places. I do suggest you size up because I am usually an L (based on the sizing chart on the website) and while I can still make it work, I still think I should've gone for the XL instead. Similar here, although I've got the navy blue one, I can't seem to find the link for that.

The Bandeau Top. I picked this up inside a pop-up store during one random trip to the mall and I was tempted to try it on just for fun. But I was surprised on how I liked it. It fits me perfectly, flatters my upper body (and I'm quite heavy in there), and it has got some pretty neon prints on it that I'm sure will look good in photos. You see, priorities. It's padded and comes with a metal double hook to secure it on the back. Bandeaus are a bit tricky as you need to consider if it's gonna fall off and/or cover everything that needs covering up there. This one's gotten it right on both department and even has a twisted frill in front that's quite flattering too so you see, there's really no surprise that it came home with me. I bought this in store but similar design here.

The Reversible Number. At least that's what I have been trying to repeatedly tell myself as if to convince me that it's not an extravagant purchase on my part. I know, I know. This is from a brand called Eighth Mermaid and the style is called Coco Burst, which explains the prints on it as well. I gave it a lot of thought before adding it to cart but when I saw its reversible feature, it was a done deal. I mean, I guess it's not so bad after all if I am virtually getting two swimsuits in one and a plain black suit at that. A girl would never not need a black one piece swimsuit in her life. The side boob is also an interesting and flattering feature that also helps in creating a slimmer waist silhouette. It doesn't slip and aesthetics-wise, it's quite pleasing to the eyes. It also comes with a handy beach bag and post card that says: take me to the beach. Um, yes please? Find it here.

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