May 27, 2016

Matte and Creamy Lips, Oh Really?

By now, you have probably figured out I am more of the matte kind of lipstick girl. And every lipstick girl out there who loves them also knows their mattes a little too well - they aren't exactly  and usually creamy. They often feel dry and dragging but looks so amazing on the lips. Which is why it's a tough one to pull off yet an easy one to fall in love with. So when a lipstick claims to be matte and creamy at the same time, I am easily swayed but not that easily convinced. I literally go... Oh really?

That is how I initially reacted to the news about the Maybelline Creamy Matte Collection. It took them a while to get here so when they did, everyone was so excited to get their hands on the collection. The shade range is pretty limited to just 10 but I think there's enough to choose which one will be your weapon of choice. Or in my case, weapons of choice.

I picked up the shades Touch of Spice, a taupey brown shade with a hint of pink to it so it doesn't appear that dark when applied. This is a bit harder to find since it's a crowd pleaser and instant favourite among the girls. And I can totally see why. The shade is right up anyone's street, it's definitely right smack in the middle of mine. It's extremely flattering and a no fuss everyday lip color in general. It also doesn't help that Kylie Jenner seems to wear her lips with the same shade and let's face it, we all love a little bit of Kylie. The other shade I got is the Divine Wine, another crowd favourite. It's a deep, wine red (hence the name, I suppose) but a wearable one. It's not an in-your-face red, it's just the I-haven't-had-enough-time-to-think-about-my-make-up-today-so-red-lips-it-is kind of red. It's surprisingly easy to wear and even easier to apply.

These creamy matte are true to its claim as far as the formula is concerned. It glides on easily to your lips, straight out of the bullet and you're good to go. And that's not something you can say about the rest of the matte lipstick out there. Although if something's this good, something's also got to give and for me, that's longevity. The longest it lasted on me is about 4 hours with minimal drinking on the side. I guess since it's creamier in formula, it doesn't really stick to your lips so it gets easily swiped off. But that's something I can live with, especially if it's not such a pain to apply. A few touch ups now and again won't hurt for me. And as for the price, this is pretty much a bargain, for Php299 each? I'd say that's a fair deal for a drugstore lipstick for its quality. And in case you're still wondering... Matte and creamy lips? Oh yes. Really!

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