January 27, 2016

My Grab 'n Go Lipstick To Date

I never really know how to jump right back into Bloggerville after a hiatus, especially one that is uncalled for. So I'm just going to do it the best way, if not the only way I know how, let’s head on straight to the lipstick department.

This tube has quite a story to tell... I have always wanted to take photos of it so I can finally share it with you but the truth is, when I got a fresh new tube of it, it was broken and who wants to photograph a broken lipstick? I tried going to another L'Oreal stand to check if ever I buy a new one, it won't have the same defect but even the sampler that they have appears to have the same problem. I wanted to depot it as well but then it will be harder to apply on the lips as opposed to having the bullet around and apply it straight on. I don’t know if it’s a one-time incident and I just got unlucky? But since I’ve almost used it up, I just might try and purchase a new one and find out for myself

The lipstick tube on the spot is the L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Moist Lipstick in Maple Mocha. The rose gold packaging just speaks to you on a new level of sophistication. It has a sleek and practical appearance that shows you the shade on a little square button in front. The shade is a beautiful browny nude which I find greatly flattering on my skin tone. The formula is matte but not drying, true to its riche moist claim. It glides on easily on the lips and increases its intensity and opaqueness depending on the application, 2 layers is good enough for me. I find this shade and formula ideal for everyday use especially if you're just starting off in the lipstick department and not quite comfortable with the pinks and reds just yet. Or if just like me, you're in search for a potential MLLB shade and we all know how that search seems to never end. The best part yet? It's very affordable and you can easily find them in any of your local L'Oreal counter. I think the Great L'Oreal Sale is still up and running so you might get this for a bargain of P350, although I'm not so sure. It'll be worth the trip to department store though, trust me. Because the latest L’Oreal offerings are quite impressive, if I’m being honest. I’ve loved the Pure Garnet too which is part of their Matte Reds Collection and if you want to see a glimpse of it in action, here’s my post about it. But going back to Maple Mocha, it's personally and easily my grab n' go lipstick to date. I love it so much I've used it all up to its potential, despite the brokenness. And if that's not saying a lot, I don't know what is.

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