November 09, 2015

My Daily Eyebrow Routine

When it comes to doing my brows, I am always in a constant battle as to how I like it done. Lately I've fallen right into a new routine that involves an eyeshadow, a few tools and a clear brow gel. Very far from my usual way of filling in my brows or the usual suspects I mostly end up using as well.

This time around, an eyeshadow takes the spot. One of the many featured eyeshadows from the MAC x Nordstrom Palette is the shade Omega, a soft muted taupe with a matte finish (second row, fifth column, L-R) and can be well used as an eyebrow powder too. I first got this idea from Tanya, if I remember it right but I've never gotten around to using it as I prefer to use eyebrow pencils and powders until boredom strikes and I wanted to try something new as well as maximize the effect of this MAC palette too.

Now onto the routine... I use a synthetic angled brush to fill in the gaps of my brows with the powder. The less amount of product, the better so I dip it in then tap off the excess. It's also easier to control your strokes with a brush especially if you want it to appear as natural as possible. I follow the natural arch of my brows when filling them in, with light and feathery strokes then go against it with a spoolie to make sure everything's spread out evenly. Since it's a taupe shade, more on the gray side of things, it's not as stark or harsh as the brown or sometimes almost black shades we used for filling in. Now for the fun part, I use a clear brow gel to brush the eyebrow hair up and hold it there. This is the Nichido Clear Eyebrow Gel which isn't the best of its kind but it's all I have at the moment. It doesn't leave the brows crisp and I like that but it doesn't hold them up either. I want a little more tug on it so the bushiness of it all will somehow last longer than a few seconds. This routine takes me about less than 3 minutes to do and I'm currently in love with it and the soft but apt frame it gives my face. It's quite refreshing not having the structured, blocked off, well-done brows for once. I generally skip the conceal around the edges and highlight the brow bone steps because in real life, I'm an eyeglass wearer and having too much products around my eye area can sometimes make me feel uneasy. Plus ssshh... between you and me, I don't think anyone would notice I skipped those parts anyway since look at how huge and thick my lenses are!

PS. Also brows aside, apologies for my rather sloppy make up application in general. HA! #bbloggerfail

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