November 06, 2015

Meet MAC's Ruby Woo

Actually, that is if you've never met or known her in this lifetime because if there's one lipstick color that definitely needs no introduction - it's MAC's Ruby Woo. However, it did get an extra boost of exposure recently, something it definitely doesn't need because even prior to these, it's always been sold out more often than it's available at face value. If you're from the Philippines you've probably heard about Maine "Yup, I'm that girl" Mendoza, also known as Yaya Dub and one of her make up artists revealed a lip color she used during one of their shoots and it's no less than MAC Ruby Woo. Before you know it, a flock of girls have started raiding MAC counters asking exactly for that: "Meron kayo nung lipstick ni Yaya Dub?" She owned it overnight. Yup, she's that girl. 

However if you're too fancy for that, maybe this next bit will be more relateable to you. Or not. Remember when a few weeks back Justin Bieber released a dance video for his single Sorry? You can watch it here and it is but a proper tribute to pop music and the 90's. Needless to say, the dancers were dressed to the 90's (duh!) and their lips are full on, matte red. A few days later it's gone mad viral, the choreographer revealed the details of the dance video and she shared the unlikely fact you'd want to know about it - the lipstick shade all the dancers wore is one and the same and it's no less than Ruby Woo - a classic red that will suite every skin tone - that's what she said! Clearly one bunch of girls after our own hearts.

As if it needed to be more iconic than it already is, more people from the other side of the fence are now curious as to what exactly is up with Ruby Woo. So mi lady, let me count thy ways. It's a bright red suitable for everyday use. When I say bright red, I really mean it. There's no subtlety in how red this lipstick can get. My initial thought when I finally met Ruby Woo - I think I love you already. And true enough I never stopped wearing it for two straight weeks! However, it's a tough one to love - the formula is very drying, can get a bit patchy and chalky, and can literally put people off with it's brightness. It's presence on your lips can AND will demand attention. I briefly talked about it in this post if you wanted a less detailed take on it, one I posted before the recent hype. But nothing can ever make you not love this lipstick, believe me, there is none.

If Ruby Woo can't get you involved in the bright red lip movement then I don't know what will. I was late to the party as I keep on putting it off, telling myself I am the least person who needs yet another red lipstick in her collection. But who was I kidding? MAC Ruby Woo is THE red lipstick. If you'd only have one red lipstick in your life, I reckon it should be Ruby Woo. It has an identity of its own, when you slip Ruby Woo off your lips, there's an air of authority to it which is why if it's not in your stash yet, I don't know why you still haven't. It may be a little tricky to get your hands on it these days but I'm telling you, it will be well worth the bother, the search, the wait. Because in true lipstick girl fashion, I say this - in Ruby Woo, we trust.

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