October 28, 2015

The Untold Story Of A Nail Buffer

I will be the first to tell you it is definitely not the most exciting mor interesting topic - a nail buffer, really now? That's what I initially told myself too as I was having second thoughts of picking this up during one of my random and unplanned trips to the department store. For something that only costs Php 50, you'd think I wouldn't give it much thought and just go ahead and buy it. But that's not what I was bothered about. At the back of my mind I was thinking, will this thing really work? I mean, what exactly is this thing and what is it supposed to do?

I've seen the British girls rave about the one from Sephora or one from their drugstores like Boots so I was pretty excited when I chanced upon one at OMG Oh My Girl shelves inside Landmark's Beauty Section. I can finally find out for myself why this is actually a thing. It's a compact rectangular tool that's made up of four side panels and each panel is assigned to one nail care step at a time: 1. File nail edge. 2. Remove ridges. 3. Smooth nail. 4. Shine nail. And if you're a newbie on this concept, it helps that it is numbered. I follow these steps religiously and sometime even go a step back when I feel like I can use a little bit more of Step 1. I proceed with my usual nail care routine but instead of using the usual suspects, I now use the nail buffer instead. It's supposed to do exactly that - to file your nail edges. This side is not harsh nor unruly, there's just enough roughness to it to get things done, and it's wide and lengthy, easier to shape your nails as desired. While the other surface is used to remove the ridges or the flakes you ended up with, I used to resort for a small bristled brush for this step before - never again. These two final steps make all the difference for me. After all the filing, your nails can look scratched and brittle so the surface can use a little help too, this is where smooth nail and shine nail gets in.

So, does it really work? I was surprised to find out that it really does. It's one of the many things you have to experience yourself to believe it but it won't take an expert to see the difference once you've taken the plunge and started using it. I've been wearing my nails bare the past days since I want to see how it fair as far as appearance can get and I'm well satisfied. And not only does it make everything easier, it makes a whole lot of difference on the results. It always felt like my nails look a bit messy and rough, borderline brittle even after doing a DIY mani-pedi session before but I now I think myabe it's only because I've been lacking this tool all along.

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