October 30, 2015

TGTC Monthly Favorites: October 2015

As I was thinking about what else can I possibly add into the current mix on the blog, I thought about how I haven't had a monthly favorites round up thing going on. I've had Get Ready With Me's, Hauls or What's In My Bag even but the simplest thing of rounding up my favorites and turning it into a post, none so far. For someone who actually tends to play favorites, I was quite surprised it actually took me about 4 years and then some to come up with one and in true Joys Camille fashion, during the last quarter of the year - no less.

Candy Magazine, James Reid Edition. I think it's called October '15 issue with James Reid on the cover but let's be honest, it's James Reid Edition. He's become such a benchmark, if not a household name as Clark Medina, that a famous line from a pop song has been altered to suit him - you've got that James Reid daydream look in your eyes. Because woman, if you aren't caught up with this mister, you are missing out on a lot. Shameless and I know it. 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Minis. Maybe it comes with age and experience but having a go-to overnight bag (with skincare on it) is now a must for me. Sitting inside mine are my minis, the Celeteque Dermoscience Traveler's Basics Kit + pH Care Intimate Wash. I stubbornly picked up the former because they're packed as three's, already pre-selected for you and surprised how it really works three-gether (see what I did there?) to help maintain a hydrated face.

A Little L'Oreal Lovin'. Sale season is upon us, a strategy to trick consumers like me into buying make up I probably don't need but hey, it's on sale - wouldn't you want to have a look at least? Woe is me and I always end up with a couple of things with me. But no regrets, the newly formulated True Match Foundation and Color Rich Moist Matte Lipstick in Maple Mocha are worth the trips on the department store aisles and the almost guilt-free shopping.

Le Stella Rosa Lip Balm. My lack of drinking 8 bottles of water a day has taken its toll on my lips and they completely went dry, peeled and bleed on me especially on the sides. I was starting to panic as it's actually painful and starting to look like how it feels - ugly so I picked up this tube and it came to my rescue! It's extremely hydrating and tastes nice too as it is a flavored lip balm and also because, Stella Rosa. Enough said.

The UAAP and My UST. If you don't know it already, I fangirl excessively. I graduated from UST and my passion for basketball never ends and continues to live through the UAAP, a collegiate basketball league my uni is part of. This year, My UST has a great deal of making it to the Final 4 so I am always stoked to watch the games. I've so far watched 2 games live and I tell you what - you don't really know me until you've seen me watch a live basketball game. True story.

A BEEP card. Isn't it strange to find such among the list favorites in a so-called beauty blog? But this bad boy has been such a relief to my commuter self for this month. I have been traveling from one side of the metro to the other end and having a card that can be used on all 3 of our existing trailing system without having to fall in line or purchase every transfer is a personal miracle I didn't know I was waiting to happen. Bakit ngayon ka lang, Beep? What took you so long?

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