October 07, 2015

My Current Stack of Eyeshadow Palettes

I never thought there will come a time in my life where I will have an actual stack of eye shadow palettes. I've always seen myself coming up with a huge lipstick collection in due time but a growing stack of eye shadow palettes? I'll just have one of the neutral ones, please and thank you. And in real time speaking, that was my story. I only have my Inglot Eyeshadow Freedom Palette before friends and family started giving them to me as gifts. So here we are, later into the game with five eyeshadow palettes to play with...
NP Set: Smoke Signals Palette. Do not let the glitters and shimmers put you off. This palette is so low key but the quality is actually borderline amazing. A set of 12 sultry eye shades that are perfect to create any smoky eye look you prefer -  brown, black or golden, simple, neutral or dramatic. My favorite ones are the golden, coppery and browny shades worn individually all over the lids and smoked out on the crease. It's a tiny palette, a sturdy cardboard flap with magnetic lids and a tiny round mirror inside ideal for when you're on-the-go and a mirror will always come in handy.

Inglot: 5 Shadow Freedom System Palette. I gave an in depth thought on this before and I still find them as my most practical palette ever. You get 5 shadows in a compact packaging that you can carry around with you whether you're headed to the office, a night out with your friends after or even for when you're traveling. A two-toned eyeshadow look of the matte cream shade all over the lid and a pop of dark brown on the crease for a day make up look and then amp up the game by popping in the matte black on the outer v for a more smoked out, night appropriate look. And if you're feeling a bit of shimmer, you can always pop in the pearly shimmer shades on the center of your lids.

Coastal Scents: Revealed 3  Eyeshadow Palette. I heard this is a dupe for the Naked 3 Palette. I can't really say because I don't own the latter yet. It's a total of 20 matte and shimmer shadows combined. They are more on the pink, plums and mauvey side of things but with a good selection of neutrals thrown in the mix too. It comes in a cardboard flap box palette with a magnetic lid but with no mirror to go with it or a brush for that matter, unfortunately. The newest in my collection too so I haven't really given it a proper go yet, but I'm properly smitten by the mattes already.

Urban Decay & Oz: The Glinda Palette. I guess it kind of figures that since it's part of the Oz collection, it has a more playful feel to it. A total of six brighter and bolder colors, with two duo-shades so technically that's 8 shades for you, I personally wouldn't wear altogether but individually? It's a different story. I reckon Illusion, which is a subtle pink iridescent and South, a gray shimmery shade are two things I can work with. They are very buttery and extremely pigmented that a little definitely goes a long way. The palette is as fancy as the colors inside it, housed inside a metal box and comes with a decent sized mirror which is always a good thing.

MAC: Nordstrom Naturals Palette. Of course I've saved the best for last and if I'm really being honest, this palette is what changed the game and my mind about eyeshadows generally. I never quite felt the same thing for the UD Naked ones maybe because I've always been biased with MAC All That Glitters but I think as long as I have this palette, I can manage to say no to the rest of the offerings on the same department. They look sleek and sophisticated on the black MAC palette container and the shades included in this are really some of the ones I've long wanted individually. Crazy pigmented, 15 color shade selection and super pretty to stare at on the pan as much as when they are applied on the lids. My love for this palette is just real people, that is all.

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