September 11, 2015

The SG Loot Bag 2/2

So here's the second installment of my SG Loot and this time it's more on the fashion side of things. I think what I failed to mention on my previous post is the tiny little detail that is the Great Singapore Sale 2015 which was happening in full effect during the same time we were there. So even though most of these things are locally available, the price drop made me buy it and travel all the way from Singapore with a giant black hat in my hand carry. True story.

Whilst my friends made the most out of the shoe bargains, I veered towards buying the accessories I normally wouldn't pick up on a regular basis. All of these are from the high street, one from Forever 21 and the rest from the good ole H&M. Let's start with the one from Forever 21 and that's the black strappy sandals. The reason I bought it is because my carry on sandals gave up on me. I told you, there was a lot of walking involved that my shoes gave up on me on our last day. You can probably tell I've been wearing it out and about so often it looks already battered considering I've just bought them in July. It's comfortable and flattering on my rather big feet, the strappy details kind of gives it a slimmer look and did I say it's extremely comfortable? Yep, it is.

Onto the rest which are all H&M things. Spot the purse inspired by one of the many Michael Kors designs what with its saffron leather-ish material but it's a really good one, if I do say so myself. I wish it was larger though as it is a struggle to downsize my bag things to be able to fit them inside. With my wardrobe already lacking color and whatnot, I thought I could use a pop of color. Next is the necklace I've already seen before and wanted to buy it at once so when I spotted them again and this time on sale, there was no thinking twice. I've been loving the layered necklace look on plain tees and low cut blouses. And lastly, my favorite part of the loot is something my little sister asked me to buy for her. She wanted a big hat for so long that you can wear to the beach for the chic effect and between you and I, it's something you don't really need but you also really want - all logic be darned. Which brings me to the fact that I had to bring this on my flight back home as my hand carry and dodge as many glances as possible. See what I mean, what logic?

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