September 30, 2015

My Newest Makeup Mixology Discovery

A few days ago, Happy Skin - a homegrown cosmetic brand recently launched a contest on Instagram wherein 3 lucky ladies will be invited over to join them on their newest project yet - they will be opening the very first store this October 1st. I had to join, obviously and in order to do so, I had to unearth my personal photos and stumbled across this unpublished post inside of my head during that time. And since I'm currently suffering from a broken SD card reader, I can't transfer all my recent snaps on my desktop, I think this post couldn't be more timely.

This make up mixology is brought to you by mixing two limited edition Happy Skin Cosmetics Shut Up and Kiss Me lipstick, the ones from their collaboration with Preview Magazine back in June. At some point you may have given it a thought too on why they did not include a pink shade on the collection. If they did, it would've been a perfect collaboration! I initially thought about that too but that's what I'm here to blab about. If like me, you also thought this collection is missing a pink shade, think again! This is Too Cool mixed with Hot Stuff. It appears like a mauvey pink, with a cooler undertone to it that literally looks like its own formulation when applied on the lips. I slap on Too Cool all over my lips, as if to conceal it then layer it on with the bomb that is Hot Stuff.  And I'd like to personally call it as the shade, Cool Stuff. Pun intended, because isn't that just the coolest thing ever?

I personally prefer the matte formulation when it comes to bold lip colors, so having a matte muted pink within my reach just by mixing two shades together is a very welcome addition to both my makeup and mixology collection. I never really thought about mixing a nude with a red before, I always mix nudes with browns because I thought that makes sense. But sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone can really surprise you - true in real life and now, true in makeup too. What's your latest makeup mixology discovery? I'd love to add some more onto mine!

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