September 14, 2015

My Essence Eye Shadow Squad

The thing about department stores is that they pretend to not lure you into looking further into them but they actually have this invisible magic that will draw you in. And although it really doesn't make any sense because you've just been given your dream eye shadow palette at the moment, you are somehow enabled to go for a look around anyway. And even if you can't find no logical explanation into wanting another four from the drugstore, before you know it, you're four eye shadows (you definitely don't need) richer and a few bucks poorer.

These are from Essence and while they are not really my cup of tea to purchase, I am more likely to buy a nth lipstick of the same shade but not an eye shadow palette let alone mono ones, these are on sale, originally at Php 139 but now Php 75 each if you get 4.  I've got 2 dark toned ones and 2 of the lighter shades of these rather underrated but very pigmented and buttery shadows. How about we begin with my favorites called Get Ready and Metropolitan which are the first once I singled out from the selection. They're my jam when it comes to eye shadow - neutral and earthy with a little shimmer on the side. These are the shades I would go for if I wanted to have a more defined and noticeable eye make up that can be over and done with in a jiffy. Metropolitan works as an all over the lid color for that golden eye with just a touch of taupe in it look and Get Ready which is a bit golden too but with a darker brown undertone perfect to define the crease and the outer corner of the eye. A mix of these two is a gorgeous lower lash color to make the eyes look a bit bigger. See? Endless ways of making it work already and that's just 2 shades in. Moving on, there's Dance All Night which is just sparkles all over. I initially thought it will also do as a cheek highlighter but it may be too sparkly and light for that. So onto the inner corners it goes and it's such a beautiful shade to pop in there. Excited to wear this with just loads and loads of mascara and a dark lip some time in the near autumn. And then there's Blockbuster and it's the only matte shadow I've got since the rest were already sold out. It's something I wanted to love more, you know me and mattes, but I haven't figured out how to make it pop or show on my lids. It's a cream color, powdery in texture that will be ideal to apply all over the lid as a transition shade or a base to help the rest of the shadows pop out and even more great for highlighting the brow bone. Quite a multitasking gem, this one.

Come to think of it, that ain't so bad after all. Besides one can never ever have enough eye shadows in her stash. At least I got mine on sale. I mean, that should make all the sense in the make up world, right? Right. So go get 'em while you can - you won't regret it, I clearly do not.

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