September 13, 2015

6 Unlikely Things To Love About Singapore

Book a ticket, pack your bags and go to Singapore. It's quite hard to come up with photos, let alone words, to go with this post as I want to share as much as possible but I also think they're nothing like you guys have probably seen before once you search the keywords "travel" and "Singapore" on Google. So I think you'd appreciate if we skip that part and just head on to the general unlikely things only I as a tourist would take time to notice. If I'm being honest, I didn't really end up doing much of the touristy things at all but maybe that's why I enjoyed the trip all the more.

The very effective transport system. Is it weird that this is my favorite part of the whole trip?! Having to experience a no fuss commute to and from your destination is a luxury you wouldn't realize you're missing until you experience doing so in places like Singapore and Dubai. It was all such a breeze, I cannot get over how it was all so chaotic one minute and then the next, it's gone. Buses that will arrive at the stations on time, trains that do not get delayed nor too crowded for my life? YES PLEASE. Skip the cab as much as you can, not only are they a bit more expensive but getting in the bus and the train is more fun! If only for the thrill of it, indulge!

The accessibility and quality of the internet connection. Now this ranks second because how can you not love a city wherein you can have free internet connection for an hour the minute you checked in inside a mall? It is very convenient and effective, if not totally impressive at all. And it's not crappy internet, we're talking reliable connection here.

The what-used-to-be 1 SGD ice cream. It's now for 1.20 SGD but still reasonable for a huge chuck of chocolate chip goodness sandwiched inside a bread. I can see why it is such a hit even to the locals who's probably eaten so much of it already in this lifetime. It was extremely hot and humid during our visit so grabbing one of these is such a welcome treat. Make sure to grab a piece when you spot one on the streets. Actually scratch that, grab two - one for you and take one for the road for me.

The Nescafe Ipoh White Coffee in Hazelnut. When we were planning the trip, we made sure to tell the things we wanted to do and I was certain about mine: just bring me to any non-fancy coffee shop and I'm all good. But with all the walking, it was not really possible to purposely go to a coffee shop alone when it will be far apart from the rest of the places we have to be. None of those include Haji Lane or Arab Street unfortunately and I believe that's where they're at. So this is everything to me, having discovered a new flavor of coffee to indulge that you can find in the nearest convi shop. I loved it so much I brought home a whole pack with me. True story.

The Makansutra food experience. There is just one too many food, so little time and a small tummy to fit them all in but I loved this experience during our first night. It's like properly dipping into the culture of Singapore by trying to be more like a local, trying food that you can't find at home. Ironically, this is the same place you can spot most of the tourists as well because as it turns out, a good SG host never fails to bring their friends who are visiting the country in this place.

The Great Singapore Sale. It wasn't an accident by any chance but it was coincidental since we booked the tickets months prior to our flight so we didn't know it will fall on the dates of the GSS. What a happy coincidence since it made all the shopping and retail therapy almost guilt-free. If you haven't seen my posts on what was inside my SG take away loot bags, you can find them here and here.

Singapore is pretty amazing but can get pretty tiring (and can do terrible things to your hair too, you are warned). It didn't make my heart skip a beat, it didn't excite me the way a concert would've or a new eye shadow palette did. But being in Singapore made me feel like having a cool drink, no doubt an ice cold Coca-Cola, after a day's worth of walking around a hot and humid city. It felt that refreshing to the mind, to the body not so much but I'd take it. It's nothing your what-used-to-be 1 SGD ice cream can't fix.

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