June 03, 2015

A "Two Toned Everything" Summer Look

I initially wanted to call it My Kylie Jenner Edit but let's face it, I cannot ever live up to any Kylie Jenner claim so once and again, The 1975 lyrics reference to the rescue. I am a kid from the 90's but seeing as I came late to the make up party, I feel like I'm kind of making up for lost make up times just now. So here's my proper nod to the 90's look which made way for neutral and brown-toned make up with matte skin and lips. No trace of highlighter was ever seen during that era and this summer, it's what I always go for when I can and it will be valid to skip if not go low on the highlighter game.

I've already talked about my summer base on this post and it's basically what I've been going for all summer long. Then I proceed to the eyes wherein I pick out the matte shades from my Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palette. These are the Matte 326, a dark chocolate brown color that goes into the crease and a generous amount of the matte creamy shadow called Matte 330 that goes right all over the lid. I find that this look will suit most of the eye shapes but I find it rather more flattering on girls with hooded eyes as it gives out the illusion of bigger eyes. And then for the lips, I take the 90's trend here seriously by going all matte and all neutral with a use of a brown-toned lip pencil and rosy nude lipstick. I know this lipstick look isn't everyone's cup of tea as for some people, it washes them out and some just really like their pinks and reds but I personally am a fan of neutral lips. I use L.A. Girl Lip Pencil in Mauve and Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosy Nude.

As you can probably tell, these products are well loved by yours truly that I am thisclose to finishing both of them off soon especially now that they've been getting a lot of wear out this summer. Using a lipliner on its own is something I do on regular basis, I find that it's easier to get my 90's vibe on with it but to maximize the two-tone effect of the look, I dab on a nude lipstick with a rosy undertone on top of the mauve lip liner to add a little more color and depth therefore not completely washing my lips off. And then I stop before I reach for any highlighter or sparkle because as much I love a good swipe of highlighter on my cheeks, the summer sun has got that covered for me. I'd take a pass on the shine for now, please and thank you.

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