April 24, 2015

The Quick Fix: Hairfix Hair Coloring Shampoo

Since my sharing of my photo on my last post, lots of my friends have asked me when and where I had my hair done for coloring and highlights. To which I answer with a shrug because I actually never had it done professionally at least. I have only ever been doing DIY hair coloring for maybe 3 years now and the latest one I tried is a hair coloring shampoo I ended up buying during one random trip to the aisles of the good old Watson's.

I picked this Hairfix Hair Coloring Shampoo in Golden Copper on a whim just to see if it'll work on my ever so stubborn hair. I think it's around Php69 and that's hardly going to hurt just in case nothing actually happens especially considering my type of hair - dry coarse and heavily damaged. Just as what it says on the packet, it's easy to use and how can it be not. You just use it the same way you use regular shampoo, lather it onto the roots and massage into the scalp for 10-15 minutes. I don't remember needing to use disposable gloves, but if you have sensitive skin, then feel free to do so. I also don't recall an offending smell like how any other salon products used to smell like, it's not sweet smelling but nothing pungent of some sort either. It's bearable, nothing our olfactory can't handle. Ha! And then wash it off and towel dry with a dark colored towel because anything lighter might get stained on. It also says that it'll last for 10 weeks which surprisingly holds true. I've done mine in February and 2 months later, the color is still there. If anything, it's intensified as time passed by and there were no signs of drying or damaging bits, nothing further than my existing ones at least. One downside though is the color range, I wanted more of the brown/blonde shade but there isn't any so I thought golden copper is a good compromise. And the color payoff is exactly how it looked like on the sachet which you can probably tell by now. (Do bear in mind that I do not have a virgin hair and my locks were in light brown shade when I slapped this on.)

So if you're like me and you only want to try out a new hair color especially for the summer minus all the faffing around and the task of actually going into a proper salon and sitting there for yonks, then you might want to give a hair coloring shampoo a try. I can't really see a reason as to why not. The quickest hair hack slash hairfix there ever is, it's even true to it's name. What's not to love? If and when you give it a go, let me know how it'll turn out!

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