April 27, 2015

The Only Make Up Related Task I Loathe.

I can definitely think of a lot of other things to do than deep cleansing my make up brushes on a Monday morning but sod it, if not today...when? I thought it's best to start the week, and an almost new month with a newly washed set of make up tools. For someone as lazy and easily bored like myself, I'm surprised I actually follow my washing schedule religiously. And here's what I currently use these days...

The in-between cleanser. I use the Make up Brush Cleaner from Daiso which says "removes dirt" on its tag for this. Those were the only English things on the bottle so I can't really say more but in fairness, it does what it says on the tin - easily removes dirt and stains on your make up brushes. It smells softer than an alcohol but it gives off that sanitized scent, if you get what I mean. It doesn't make your brushes shed, nor make them brittle. It just gets the job done - when you need to switch from one eye shadow to another and you need to use the same brush, spray on this cleanser, rub it off on a tissue, let it dry for a bit and then it's good to go.

The coupla weeks cleanser. This is for the deep cleansing part and I use the good ole Safeguard soap bar, I prefer the regular white one which I use this at the end of the week or two. I place the brush under a running water, use my left palm as the mat for swirling and rubbing off and then cleanse it with running water again. I lay them down on a towel with the end tips slightly hanging from the edge and let them dry overnight just to make sure every last drop of water's gone and dried up. I change their orientation too after about 6-8 hours, switching from one side to another just to make sure everything's balanced off. 

Although if I'm being honest, however else you want to, the thing is you have to - you must. Do it, girls. Deep clean your make up brushes. It's not the most exciting thing to do out there and I don't look forward to it myself. But there are things to make it interesting enough until it gets done. Given it's boring as it is already, can you imagine if I stick to one technique and keep doing the same thing over and over again? I can't. So I tend to switch up my routine every now and then. For now it's this, numb left palm be darn.

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