April 10, 2015


The drill. Sod it - life's too short, cut your hair short! (I think I made that up inside of my head!)

The cause. Every year, I always resolve to try and remember haircut appointments, along with birthdays and anniversaries but it doesn't really happen. I always seem to miss the point wherein I need to have an actual appointment with the hairdressers for me to miss it or remember it, for that matter. That has not always been the case because I am such a lazy daisy when it comes to my hair. Like today. It was just any other ordinary afternoon when a friend told me she's spending hers in a salon and I thought, why not join her and finally have my much needed snappity snip! That's how and why I was presented with the perfect excuse to cut my hair the shortest it will ever be since my high school days. Easily decided, end of the story. Appointments, what?

The chop. The reason why I never worked up the courage to go to a hairstylist is because none of them would usually agree to my desired hair cut. I really wanted to go shorter even before but the hairstylist wouldn't want me to, it already cost me Php350 and I still went out of the salon only semi-satisfied because in my mind I didn't get my money's worth but it's only because I really wanted it shorter. So I tried my luck again this afternoon with the salon's resident hairstylist and as if it was ever meant to be, he agreed to do so! He was even the one who asked me if I was okay with a haircut so short it'll have my nape exposed because that's how it's going to look like afterwards. Little did he know those were the exact words I have been long waiting to hear! A few minutes and one too many snip snip later, I emerged from the salon chair with a brightest smile and the haircut of my dreams for a cost of Php38! Now would you look at that!

The aftermath. Of course this is how it looked like after all the blow drying by the magical hands of my hairstylist and I am fully aware there's a huge chance I can't make it look the same way or even half as decent on a daily basis. Styling this short hairstyle with my kind of hair will be tricky for sure but it's fine, I am a willing victim! I am even sure I am about to jumpstart a search for the best texturizing spray I can get my hands on without tearing up my wallet. *ehem Oribe ehem* So if you know any, help a girl friend out and share yours in the comments below. I have a feeling that the amount of money I saved from the haircut will amount for the hair care and styling that will follow but it's a logical reasoning I am willing to fall into because in case you haven't noticed, I am in love with my hair! And if there's one thing to know about me, I don't go around with saying love + my hair together in a sentence... until today. Ah, the cheese.

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