April 15, 2015

My Recent Make Up Misery.

I've reached the point wherein I get to see my MAC Patisserie come to a slow and painful death. Oh. My. Heart. Okay, maybe that's a bit too much but you get my gist. When I claimed Patisserie to be an everyday lips, I didn't think I'd actually end up using it everyday per se but as you can probably see and tell from the image above, it's now battered beyond belief, it has served me well. It's color is unassuming on the tube but really impressive on the lips. I love it, and I still do. I think there is nothing more painful than seeing a well-loved beauty product of yours in its dying stage. A cracked eyeshadow palette, a shattered pan of compact blush and this. It's almost heartbreaking to see how something beautiful breaks, little by little.

Although I think the reason I'm being a tad sentimental here is that this is actually my first ever MAC lipstick. Hopefully that makes my reaction, however slightly over the top, valid. I've posted about Lipstick Depotting before which is something I'd probably end up doing with this, too. I'd still end up with a lot of product to use up and smudge on till the last swipe but I know you get me when I say I'd miss the straight-from-the-bullet experience of it all.I think need a moment to restart my heart. Or maybe just a new tube of the same shade. Whichever comes first. I can really be too much of an emosh for my own good sometimes, sigh. Have you had a make up heartbreak lately? Because you know what they say, (makeup) misery loves company. 


  1. Yes! Literally just yesterday I bought a new nail polish and then accidentally spilt a lot of it. Although when I used up my first lipstick I felt very accomplished instead of sad lol xD

  2. Aw, Mish! That's sad. I hope there's enough of it left that can be put to good use! Hahaha, yeah. I get that feeling too - nothing like hitting rock bottom! Thanks for dropping by! :)


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