April 29, 2015

Is The San-San HD Concealer Any Good?

The thing about homegrown products is the more affordable and accessible to the market they are, the more skeptic the consumers become. Or the other way around which is what happened to me. A friend referred me to try out this concealer from San-San and she said it's just worth a hundred bucks that if you won't end up liking it, it's not really something you'd be disappointed about, price-wise. And now that the price is out of the question, onto the next one - is it really any good?

The San-San HD Concealer comes with the pen-click, lightweight packaging with one end as the cap and the other one you twist to get the product out. Very convenient and practical, if you ask me. Although the name fades out easily as you can probably see, it's disappeared completely. The formula is thick in consistency, that's why I can understand why others find it cakey and drying especially those with already dry skin. However, it is also blendable and buildable that you can work your way with it. I try to warm up the product first by using my fingers to pat in on then blend it out with a brush and seal it in with a damp sponge. Lots of work but nothing you can't get used to and later on be done in a jiffy. There are 3 shades available - Natural, Beige and Olive and I have Natural, the lightest shade which I use to layer on top of my Essence Match2Cover Concealer to maximize the concealing effect. On its own it gives a full under eye coverage and depending on the shade, since I have the lightest one, it brightens and enhances the highlighting effect living up to its HD claim. It looks almost seamless and flawless on camera! You just really need to work it out, buff it in, blend it out, repeat if you must because the end result will be worth it. And did I mention how it is such a bargain for Php110? And oh, to answer my own question... Yes, it is actually a good 'un. And that is always a good thing, way to go San-San!


  1. I want to try this too! I am a concealer hoarder! I don't even know how many I have. Hope that San San will be more widely-available like in Watsons so that we can easily buy. Nice review! :)

    1. Aw, thanks Juvy! :) I got this from our local San-San, which is out of the way talaga, you have to go there on purpose. So I really hope they do that too... and asap! HA! :D


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