March 27, 2015

It's The Little (Beauty) Things.

You would never appreciate a long lasting make up until you've been under the sun and drenched in the pouring rain and still not look like it. You would never realize the difference curled lashes can make until someone will point it out to you. Oh you know... The little things you didn't think would actually make a difference but shocker, they actually do. True in life, true with beauty things, too.

As I have mentioned in this post, I have a rather new base routine that I have fallen in love with because it makes my skin look flawless, keeps it shine free and lasts all day long, withstanding both the sun and the rain. And I find this is why, the San-San Blending Sponge. Ever since I've ditched the brushes and started using a sponge applicator instead to blend the product in, I've noticed a more seamless and flawless base to work with. However it takes a lot of getting used to especially if you've been using brushes all your life. I either run it through or spritz it with water before getting it in action. It requires a bit more patience and a lot of time to completely blend the products in with what I personally call as the Damp Sponge Method. I also prefer going for the tap'n dab instead of the drag'n swipe but believe me, it's worth the extra effort. It clearly isn't as bouncy as the Beauty Blender nor the Real Techniques Sponge Miracle but it gives off the same result in the end. Unlike those disposable sponges, this can be washed with soap and it'll be as good as new. So far, it hasn't stretched on me nor started disintegrating into tiny little spongy debris. And for Php70, I can't really complain as it's actually a bargain. 

I have no idea why I have only learned about this now. This little guy has been lingering inside my drawer for a while and I've just unearthed it from the pile. You've heard about the hype, how this lash curler is a game changer and I am here to tell you that it's true. Yes, the Shu Uemura Lash Curler, is hyped up for a reason. The grip both on the handle and the curler itself is very precise that the lashes have got no choice but to give in, follow and hold its curl. I can't wait to get my hands on the regular one, but so far the mini one is life-changing on its own glory already. I mentally section my lashes into three parts, moving from the outer lashes going in. I hold the curl for a couple of seconds, lift them a bit before I release them then move to the next section. Et voila, your lashes like you've never seen them before. And considering it's been dusted over and over for who knows since when, it's still got no rust or loose ends on it. I guess that's the pricing justified, its quality will speak for itself and will be of good use for yonks.

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