March 29, 2015

A Twenty Something's Reaction To One Direction

One Direction Live in Manila 2015? Not going is an option. As someone who will be turning 30 in 2 years' time, I don't think seeing One Direction live in a concert is a priority, let alone a possibility. But it's probably not for the same reasons you're thinking. I am a fan, since 2012 actually then I kind of drifted apart in 2014 because The 1975 happened. And then they had to come to Manila. The tickets were ridiculously priced and way beyond my already ridiculous of a fangirl capacity. On my mind, if I can't go VIP, I won't go at all. Besides that's what pretty boies in a boy band are for right? Their looks' half, if not all of it and so if you're out back, what's the point? Why bother? Then 2 days before the Manila leg, the news of Zayn missing it was all over the news and I thought, "Well, good call on not spending a fortune for a 4/5 turnout, self." but guys, was I wrong in so many levels!!! 

Yes, you guys. It happened. I was there, Zayn Malik wasn't. But all is well.

First off, they are incredibly talented. Surely they had to look superkaduper gwapo and adorable while at it, but that's not their fault, is it? It is so hard to entertain a huge crowd and maintain the same level of adrenaline from the first song down to the last and they performed a total of 23 songs. That is just something else. Although if I'm being honest, even if they just stand there and do nothing, or just go about prancing all over, I'd still have the same amount of fun. Sobrang gwapo and adorable lang nila, but I think I said that already? If you can get past the prettiness and the fancy accents, although good luck with that, I never got over those, their songs are actually nice and they are a shush load of fun live! They were dancing, singing, talking to a sea of thousands of people under the humid Manila skies...I danced to the Best Song Ever. Watched them perform as the Night Changes. Became a Girl Almighty literally. Counted all The Little Things. Wondered as to Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Suffered with that thing called Stockholm Syndrome. And then some more. I am pretty sure I did my 12 year old fangirl self proud.

I had no idea Niall can kill it with the strings. No. Idea. At. All. He can sing, dance, write a song and play the guitar while looking like the handsomest and cutest ball of sunshine on stage. My friend's videos have immortalized my rather unlikely behaviour for a late twenty something girl over 1 member of the world's biggest boyband. His dance moves will be the death of me. Do not even get me started on his Irish accent because that's an entirely different story. So yup, I've died and gone to Niall James' heaven. I couldn't stop smiling over my memory of Niall's part on Better Than Words, the live version, that I ended up on Youtube typing "meeting Niall" on the search engine three days after. However hardcore fangirl hangover in its full effect.

Thank you Smart for our tickets! None of these would've been possible if you weren't generous enough to hold a raffle contest for your loyal subscribers. And whole lot of massive thank you to Kamae for thinking of taking me when you won two tickets yourself. All my life I have been asking for chance encounters with my center of fangirl affection without realizing after all these years, that's all I've been getting. The 1975 with Rio then, One Direction with Kamae now. I am a lucky fangirl.

That's the funnest night of my 2015 yet, the happiest still belongs to The 1975. I regret nothing. Except for maybe not saving enough to afford VIP. But other than that? Nothing. Despite the waiting game under the sun in the morning and under the pouring rain the evening. Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam have been worth it. More than just a pretty face is the world's biggest cliche but they're not the world's biggest boyband for nothing. So techinically, it figures. That's why the next time they come around? That's a Not Going Is Not An Option already. Done deal this early. First line, middle, up front. I wish.

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