March 25, 2015

A Bandanna Bandwagoner.

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly do another The 1975 reference post, here I am with another Matty-made-me-do-it moment. Even before the bloggers and the runway did it, Matty called it in early when he wore a black bandanna for the Robbers music video which is inspired by a movie called True Romance. And I am not going to lie, I've been wanting to give that look a try but I thought I'm not cool enough to pull it off. Until summer and this heat happened...

Summer days are clearly the days I just want to get rid of my hair falling all over my face and this trend pretty much gets it done whilst still looking a bit stylish, like you actually thought of putting much more thought into it than just literally pulling your hair back in a bun. And true to my accidental code of clothing that I mentioned in this post, I think I've found my appropriate accessory of the season. Mine is a random paisley red bandanna which I've been luxuriously wearing as a head scarf. I wore it to a trip to Tabora Streets of Divisoria and to the One Direction Concert in Manila. Both of which involved long hours of standing under the sun and I definitely needed all the help I can get to feel comfortable and cool. I do plan on wearing it to a more appropriate summer spot like the beach but the situation hasn't presented itself yet so that would have to wait. For now, it adds a little sum'n sum'n to my usual plain shirt and black pants combo and a whole lotta comfort in the hair department. If I ever get around into getting that perfectly scrunched up hair to go with this, because that's usually how I prefer styling it before deciding to put it all up in a bun because of the heat, I'll pop a new post soon.

Did you know that a bandanna is also know as a kerchief, from the French couvre-chef which means, "cover the head"? I didn't. My being a bandanna bandwagoner, justified. Oooops!

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