April 05, 2015

A Nutellafied Choclit Drink

A drink that's basically what it says in the tin - a hot chocolate drink using whatelse? Nutella. Confession: up until an advert made its way to our local channels, I realized I've been pronouncing it wrong. So, it's new-tel-luh. Now I know. HA! Anyways, as if we don't have enough Nutellafied things already, here I am with just another way to do such. I thought it's rather fitting to throw in this recipe as a nod to the summer lovin' weather we all are having. 

There's no need to fuss about the ingredients, you probably have the whole lot of it around your kitchen. Two cups of milk, a tablespoon of Nutella, marshmallows for toppings and crushed/cubed ice. Pour milk in a heated saucepan until it boils, then mix in the Nutella until it melts. I like mine with just about 50% level of sweetness so a tablespoon is enough for one serving. Transfer the milk-choclit mix into a container, I used a Mason jar and look at how aesthetically pleasing it turned out to be. How very millenial of me, ha. You can add the layer of crushed or cubed ice next before topping it off with marshmallows. Now this isn't exactly a healthy drink nor a groundbreaking of a recipe, but during the summer, I thought we can all use a dose of cold drink and a lot of sweetness to counteract the heat that comes with it. Here's one idea for you, a Nuttelafied choclit drink is not going to hurt at all. Besides, the world can never ever have enough Nutellafied things. You reckon?

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