January 19, 2015

The Wedding Weekend That Was.

Remember when I told you there will be loads of weddings happening in my life this year? I was on to the third over the weekend and you know me, I fancy dressing up for weddings and last weekend was no exception. I particularly liked how my make up turned out and how my wool coat actually came in handy when I attended a destination wedding up north so I thought I'd take you along with me.

Unlike the first two, this will take place on location, late in the afternoon with the reception happening at night so I needed a foundation that wouldn't budge and put a white cast on my face when photographed, ah well priorities. I used the dreamy cake duo of Collection Ultimate Fix Compact and Essence Match 2 Cover Cream Concealer and I must say, it lasted all day without the need to retouch! I thought since it's nighttime, I could get a way with a subtle smoke eye so that's what I did. I used a new smokey palette which I will make a separate post on but mainly picked out a light pink and a dark purple color to blend together. To compliment the purple eye palette, I picked out the Maybelline Plum Perfect lipstick which adds the right amount of pop, just enough to brighten up your whole face. Throw in the basics of a filled in brow, a proper contour, a dab of blush on and a load of mascara and liner application then your wedding weekend face is good to go.

With the January breeze still very much just around the corner, it can get pretty chilly at night especially since the venue is up north, in a farm, surrounded by trees and has the mountains as its neighbors. Good thing I bring about a coat to get me through the night because it was freezing cold out there. This one is from good ole Zara Woman and trust me when I say it's warm all over. If you're headed anywhere anytime during January nights, never leave the house without a proper coat on, you are warned.

And oh, who wouldn't love waking up to a glorious view like that from the balcony? Aaahh... I love weddings alone, but destination weddings that can double up as a weekend getaway right smack in the middle of your rather busy schedule after the holidays has got to be my favorite kind at the moment, obvs.

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