December 02, 2014

The Untold Story Of A Face Mask.

It was a rainy late afternoon, I had the latest episode of The Flash on and I was leisurely lounging on the couch recovering from turning our room upside down the other day when it hit me - perfect pamper time opportunity to finally peel off all the oil and excess dirt on my face. It's time to whip it off and turn my face mask on.

I have to be honest, I am not the one to grab a face mask as part of a my usual random trip to the makeup counters. It just doesn't strike me as something I would be bothered to pick up as opposed to other skincare products. So when a friend of my mine gave me one as a pasalubong from her recent Korea trip, I was more than eager to finally own one and give it a whirl the soonest time possible. This one is called The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Rice, a brightening and complexion improvement sheet containing rice extract to smoothen and brighten dull and rough skin. One thing about this face mask is that it does exactly what it is on the packaging and you can see the results almost immediately. It's surprisingly one of those that deliver instant effects as soon as you're done with it and peel the sheet off your face. It may have really been the rice extracts that helped in smoothing the skin, making it look like a poreless piece of porcelain even just for a few moments post facial mask, combined with Vitamin C which obviously helped in the brightening department. A perked up skin in 15 minutes top? I'd never say no to that especially after looking incredibly hilarious even to myself because the sheet doesn't fit my face shape at all. I had a good laugh upon seeing my reflection in the mirror which may or may not be of help because, facial exercises are vital too you know.

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