December 20, 2014

My Current 3 Minute Face.

A 3 minute face, is that even womanly possible? Well... I think I pretty much can work with this now that the colder months are here. My skin is pretty much a-ok (by my standards) during these times as there's no stress of humidity and break outs so I make the most out of the season to go almost make up free to let my skin breathe a little not just on the daily but even when I go out and about. I thought I'd give a round up of my current make up routine that takes about three minutes... fingers crossed.

I was never a fan of a heavy base so when I found out about Revlon Nearly Naked being almost like a second thin layer of flawless, dewy skin, I was rather very impressed. It's light to medium coverage, true to its nearly naked name and it surprisingly covers everything even the dark circles under my eyes that there's no need for me to use concealer at all. Now that we have about two and a half minute left for the rest of the face, I'd like to do the eyes and brows next. I used the Sansan Eyeliner Pencil in 03 which is quite easy to work with since it's waxy in consistency and very pigmented, you can get that shape and fill easily. And then apply loads and loads of Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara. Just look at those lashes and it almost looks like I have got a liner on, I don't! It's just multiple coats of The Falsies. And then for the finale, I pick up my lipstick of choice depending on the occasion or my mood for the day. This is Kate Moss for Rimmel in 107 which is one of my favorite reds to wear. The formula of this is very easy to apply, no need for a lip liner or lip brush and it's got a matte finish with just a hint of moisture to it so it's not drying at all. Apply it directly from the tube and then pat it on with your finger for a stained, not too full on finish and that's basically my everyday face done in 3 minutes tops. Phew, it is womanly possible after all!

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