December 18, 2014

How To Get Away With Brown Lips

Chocolate lips are anything but self-serving that 9 times out of 10, people will call you out on it. My kid cousin thought I was a month too late for the Halloween when he saw me wearing them out one fine Sunday. My little brother thought I just finished eating a certain Filipino dish which brings about a dark colored lip as an aftermath. Boys, eh. However, girls especially those of us who just can't get enough lipstick tubes and shades can reach to a common understanding and logical thinking that chocolate lips are socially acceptable, at least by our standards. I've gathered a few tips on how I think a girl can get away with it...

Pick a dewy, flawless base. The main thing about this look is to keep the focus on the lips while everything else remain flawless and very minimal to none. I prefer using a dewy base with a light to medium coverage as it compliments the whole highlight and contour combination more than a matte finish. It's like hey there, I'm bringing in all the glow today.

Turn the highlights on. Just might be my favorite bit ever. The more highlights on, the better. I used a cream highlighter here which is more practical to apply on the highest points of your face and easier to blend out with your fingers after. When either the natural light or the flash of the camera catches them, it makes you look so fresh and perky with your skin glowing and all.

Warm up the cheeks. You can't do the highlights without the contours right after, they just go well together especially for this look. Skip the blush, just pick a matte bronzer of your choice. Nothing too fancy or drastic, just lightly brush it to the hollows of your cheeks, temples and chin to give that warm flush and dimension to a rather flat canvass.

Barely there eyes. You don't want a heavy face to go with a rather heavy, bold lip. You just want something to compliment it with warm eyes and cheeks to go. I picked up a cream gold eye shadow for this and swipe it all over the lids and just blend out the harsh edges with my finger. Subtly fill in your brows just to emphasize the shape and apply loads of your favorite mascara to make your eyes pop open.

Line those lips. When you go bold, you can't go back. And just to make sure there's no going back, it's better to do the lip liner trick for two things. It intensifies the color more and helps in making it last longer on your lips. And oh you know, it helps in making them look fuller, ala Kylie Jenner. And you know it girl, you want some of that too once in a while.

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