November 07, 2014

RIP My Old Jeans.

Matty made me do it. How shameless but it's true. Even before style bloggers went overboard with the ripped knee trend over the season, good ole Matty of (duh) The 1975 has somehow owned this piece of trend as his that there's even a Twitter account named after his exposed left knee - shocking times. Anyway, his is probably Acne or designer something and he owns about ten or more of the same style. And so is the rest of the world may be but I don't, I have a couple of good old jeans and one afternoon I just decided on ripping the knees apart with a pair of scissors and finish off the edges with a sandpaper. Et voila! 

This is basically my second half of the year style staple. For some reason I find the ripped detail charming, teasing and easy on the eye - with a little bit of flesh revealed just fo' kicks. The faded denim skinnies is from herBench and the black one is a stretchy skinny jeans from The SM Department Store which I got way back during uni years - that's a decade ago! And this is exactly how I like wearing them - with strappy sandals and platforms. Paired with the default white v-neck tee and a hat. It's autumn/winter time, a girl can wear a hat out, can she? Besides what's the point in buying a new pair, let alone an expensive one, when it's ripped anyway? My thoughts exactly.

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