November 05, 2014

Current Cravings Satisfied.

Usually my cravings are limited to food options and concert fixes but ever since I've fully embraced the world of beauty blogging, I now have these makeup musings too! For a certain palette, a particular lipstick or the newest beauty product found on my Instagram feed (come follow me if you haven't already @jyscmll) thrown into the mix.

Do you know how badly I want to own this lipstick from the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick by Bourjois? So bad that even if the Bourjois team kindly sent me a piece but somehow got lost in transition, I still made an effort to get my paws on one - that's how bad. A for the effort and I got a little help on the side and I have no regrets - this is love at first stain! The shade is in Pink Pong and the formulation is nothing like I've encountered before. Plus the packaging is just so posh - a cubed glass tube in hot pink, are you kidding me! Now this UNE Sun Minerals Matt Bronzer is literally a heaven sent from the beauty gods and goddesses, if I do say so myself. I have a few bronzer in my current stash but there is no matte one yet that I like. That's the reason why I was ever so slightly upset about the Naked Flushed palette I got because it came with a shimmery bronzer, so was the one I got from LOL Cosmetics and I'm really on the lookout for a matte. But what do you know, now I wouldn't have to search further. This is a gorgeous shade of warm flush and feels feathery at first swatch - I can't wait to get my contour on!

Until a new lipstick lust or a blush babble happens, I'm staying put with a rather satisfied smile on my face whilst on the lookout for the ones who'll make it to the next cut of cravings - which I hope isn't anytime soon for the sake of my savings account.

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