November 13, 2014

An Ode To A Liquid Lipstick I Love.

I've already made quite an introduction about this on my post a few days back and since then I've been itching to do a full-on blog post on this because that's what we girls do - when you love something bad enough, you cannot wait to tell the whole world about it. True in love, true with lipstick.

What with the make up game ever changing and innovations left and right are fast arising, Bourjois Paris may have taken the liquid lipstick path a bit later than the rest but the wait was well worth it! It's as if they made sure they're going to ace it when they do and that they did! Rouge Edition Velvet Collection is what I would like to call liquid lipstick perfection housed in a cubed glass tube with a twist cap opening to reveal a doe foot applicator inside. It's as practical as a packaging can get, the color that you see on the outside is the shade of the actual lipstick you get and the doe foot applicator makes it the easiest to apply on the lips. They come in a liquid formula that glides on and magically dries on your lip as a matte formula with the most gorgeous shade range you can choose from. I got Pink Pong which is basically a hot pink beaut that screams "pretty with a punch". Two layers of this and you've got yourself an opaque and velvety finish that will last you all day - seriously long lasting! Once it dries up, it won't budge, won't transfer, won't dry and won't bleed on you. Are you convince of my liquid lipstick perfection claim yet? Although I have to add, if you're slightly scent sensitive, this has got a faint paint puff on which is highly tolerable and will be a goner before you even know it.

A matte lipstick minus all the nightmares that usually comes with such is finally a possibility, who would have thought? Suffice to say a repurchase of another shade, if not all of them six left, is going to happen. I already have my eyes on Nude-ist next which is basically an everyday lip color that screams "I woke up like 'dis" - at least on the lips department and I'm not going to lie, I could use some of that in my life.

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