October 11, 2014


I finally made white nails happen for myself - one season late maybe but hey guys, finally!!! I've featured this White Out OMG! Nail Lacquer in my first Birthday Loot post but I haven't gotten around to successfully applying them on my rather short nails. I figured if I grow them a bit, more surface to work on, it'll work best. I did try to reshape the edges forming a square finish cos that's what I find flattering on my rather tiny knuckles. And I was right! It also possibly helped to let it be kept in the storage first for the formula to settle because I found it drying and really difficult to maneuver the first few tries. You will be able to get the opaque finish starting with two coats but if you want a more precise front, then go ahead with one more. The OMG formulations are really quite good for it's price, impressive! And then when I finally find it good enough or pretty enough, I apply one last coat of the San San Nail Polish Top Coat just to seal the deal. Not the best one in the market I know, but it's the one I have lying around and it works just as fine. Not going to lie, it's a bit of an effort to apply but the result is quite rewarding to the eye. White nails, aaaaaah!!!! Also, nothing brings back memories of school and uni than one set of nails colored in what looks like the liquid eraser we used back then... Alam kong alam nyo ang sinasabi ko! Amirite, 90's kids on the block? ;)

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