October 21, 2014


The Pencil. This is the best option if you have zero to none brows to work with. Pencil them in, girl. From the arch to the outline and up to filling them in. You don't have to worry about them being overdrawn, you can always blend it out to perfection using a spoolie or even an angled brush. The San-San Eyeliner Pencil in 03 is a good one if you're on the lookout for a budget friendly one to start with. Waxy in consistency, pigmented and easy to maneuver all over, plus it comes with a sharpener.

The Mechanical Pens. Which is by now, you know, is my personal favorite. I have slightly thick brows so I just need a little help in filling them in and defining them. Using mechanical pens are the easiest and most effective way for me at the moment. The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pen is already a given but these days I've been reaching out for the Maybelline Master Brow. It has the tiniest nib to get the precise replica of your eyebrow hair and get the shape of your brows almost effortlessly.

The Powder. This is for a more natural finish and if you have more time in your hands. The In2It Eyebrow Kit is a known favorite. It will also last you for years since you just need the littlest amount to build up the color slowly. This comes in three shades so you can have the liberty to choose which one to use for defining, arching and filling them in. There's also one from Essence, the one I've used for yonks but it's currently out of stock in the market. 

The Gel. This is for the airbrush finish look and for those who are blessed in the brow department. You don't need much help with the filling in but you need to keep the brows in place and maybe a tad bit of definition and fullness into them? Then the Jazzy Cosmetics Eye Brow Gel in 01 is your guy. An eyebrow gel or mascara is the easiest way to get away with it. It's best to choose a shade slightly lighter than your natural brow color just avoid the stark finish of an overly drawn brow. You can even go with a clear brow mascara if you're really after that au naturale look.

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