October 08, 2014


Like I always say, new make up (especially new lipstick) doesn't last long untouched on my desk. It gets unwrapped, photographed and slapped on to my face at once. Or in this case, my lips. And so far, my #MeetTheMatte experience is one of my favorites! Just a few things before we proceed, this will be more like a first impressions and preview of the swatches on my actual lips post rather than a proper review because as for the lasting hours and all that jazz, I still can't say much about that. At least not yet.

The Ultra Matte Color range from Avon is rather a welcome surprise as I didn't expect it to be as good as it turned out to be. First off, the packaging is spot on, very appropriate and convenient. It comes with a glossy exterior with a matte ring band that will reveal a matte bodice as well once you pop it open and a see-thru tip which allows you to see which color is which inside of it. It reminds me so much of the Rimmel for Kate Moss packaging if only for the gloss and matte appearance and for actually looking rather expensive than it actually is. Onto the infamous matte formulation, which has always been a bit tricky since most are drying and tends to bleed but I have to say Avon knows how to walk their talk when they said this is a matte lipstick that isn't drying at all. And look at how pigmented they are! I gotta say though I'm a bit confused with the colors because I got the Matte Coral which is more like a pastel pink rather than a coral to me. The Matte Merlot however is a gorgeous shade of red with a cool undertone that's more on the blue side of things. However it's not that I am complaining, I'm just saying it's a bit confusing. As for the application, I've initially slapped on 3 coats to get this opaque finish and then mattify it using the tissue-and-loose-powder method before slapping on one final coat. It's a scented formulation, one I can't quite put my finger on but it's not too strong or off-putting at all, it actually smells rather nice and calming. And here's the catch... this retails for Php199! Yep, your Avon Lady awaits you, mi lady!

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