September 13, 2014


It wasn't a conscious effort at first but ever since I posted about how everything changes in September, I realized there's one thing that does not. Because it's typically me to wear a black dress on my birthday, for three consecutive years now. I posted about my previous BBDs on Instagram some time last year, if you fancy a nosy. And yes, what LBD? BBD is happening, ha!

I am not that big on birthdays per se, I am more excited about the countdown and anticipation so planning my birthday dress and lips is essential. This year it's a shift black dress from H&M and the hot pink number peeking through is the F21 sports bra. It's more of a relaxed dress rather than a formal or casual one because that is how 28 is looking like for me so far. I've never felt more relaxed and relieved to be a turning a year older... That's such a strange thing to say out loud or type out actually. Anyway, it's such a weird feeling knowing I'm exactly where I wanted to be at this age. That where I am in life right now is finally by choice, a decision rather than a happenstance or a mere coincidence. I still don't know if that's good enough but I kind of like where I ended up being. I am literally a "just be" right now. At 28. And I'm very much fine with it. So I guess that's all good right?

The birthday lips as you already know is Patisserie. I was saving my first ever black tube of a beaut for my birthday and so swatching it finally happened! Here it is on my lips!!! Can we all take a moment to appreciate how this transfers on the lips? Applying it was the best part of my day because look at that! MLLB. Apparently, MLLB is happening too. Appropriate review coming soon and watch out for a little surprise for when it comes out here within the stretch of my birthday month! Just a little way of giving back the love you and saying thank you for the love you have been giving TGTC. *hint hint*

So... this is what 28 looks like. In all my BBD and MLLB glory. See what I did there?

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