September 18, 2014

An Ode To My Fellow Girls With Glasses.

I have no idea why it's taken me this long before I get into focus of what is essentially my daily face of the day. I have worn glasses all my life - literally. I started back in kindergarten and I'm telling you, it's not a pretty sight. Think full, squared fringe, massive frames and thick lenses. It's not really a fancy combination. But that was before I even have a say on which frames to buy, thank you Mother. Now, not only do I have a say on the frame, I get to build my own face of the day to go with it too. This is now an easy one for me. I don't know how it happened but it's been a staple look especially during Mondays when I just cannot be bothered but I don't want to look it. I just go and grab my grown up specs and fave shade of red lips at the moment and nobody can guess I had the hardest time waking up from bed. However, there are a few bits and bobs you also might want to consider...

Concealer is a girl's (with glasses) best friend. No kidding. You need to work on extra on the eye brightening department when you're wearing glasses or else they're going to appear darker than they really are and going to make your eyes look droopy and tired. So pick out a creamy and blendable concealer so it will sit well on your skin and the frame will sit well on it.

Frame and fill the brows but go slightly lighter than usual. This depends on the frame you have though. But because mine has thicker and fuller rims, I need to go easy on framing the brows and not go overboard or it will all be a bit too much and too harsh. 

Curl your lashes but skip the mascara. Or else you'd end up with the lashes sticking out to your lenses and staining them. However I went on without curling them one time, since I thought it can't be seen with my glasses on, but to my surprise an officemate called my attention asking if I was in a hurry that morning because I didn't get to curl my lashes. Ooops, it shows. So go, curl them. Just have a pass on the mascara.

The bolder the lips, the better. I am not afraid of the bold lips. And I take pride in it. I don't know why and how that happened but you can always see me wearing red lips and stark black glasses together and get away with it. Or at least I think I do. I just find that it compliments the grown up vibe of my frames and it's the easiest way to look like I have it all figured out even if most of the time I don't. Cheat sheet anyone? Lipstick girls with glasses unite!

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