September 05, 2014


Ever since I've had my hands on this tube, I haven't stopped thinking of ways on how to wear it. I've long decided on my Birthday Lips but now I think it has been replace by this. I had one thing in mind when I was planning on today's make up menu - go minimal on everything else - eyes, lips, face but go all out on the lips. I basically went for the kill here so let's roll them credits...

Eyes. I used the L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro eye shadow quad which is designed to sculpt your eyes for the "wide awake" look. I wanted warm and soft neutrals with a subtle pop and sparkle to the inner corners and this quad in Beige Harmony has it all. The liquid-like gold is the one I popped into my inner corners to maximize the wide awake effect.

Face. I followed the same flawless base routine but then what played the major role here is the UNE Golden BB Cream Tan Enhancer. Seriously works like magic especially since this lipstick shade kind of makes you look paler than you really are. You need something to warm up your complexion, contour and define your cheekbones and forehead - this does them all! And it's a transparent cream to powder product so it will set your foundation as well!

Lips. Just might be my Birthday Lips, just might. It's so addictive - the application, the scent, the color payoff, the feel on the lips... I'm just having a Cherry Berry addiction at the moment. That is all. And I think I'm not going anywhere until maybe it's too hot to wear anything this loud on the lips again? But right now, the lipstick girl in me is just so happy to be stepping up my bold lips game to a whole new level with this tube from the Avon Over Nature Lipstick collection.

So far, I'm well convinced that this may just be my make up menu for my birthday. What can I say, I like bold lips and I can't lie!!! And if by wearing bolder and brighter lips on my birthday would also mean a bolder and brighter future ahead of me, then by all means... I may just end up wearing this all September long too, just in case. It sure won't hurt to try.

So here's to wishing myself and all of you Virgo ladies out there a very cherry berry birthday, cheers!

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