August 02, 2014


As I was trying to come up with the content of this post, I realized this isn't just my first ever MAC lipstick... This is my first ever MAC lipstick in my 27 years of existence. That's saying a lot, eh. When some of the girls I know have had their MACs as early as 13 or maybe even earlier. My claim to being a latebloomer of a woman ever has just reached a whole new level, I believe. But I just feel like it's the best time to get me one at this point in my life. I'm not going to go all emosh over a lipstick purchase rationalization but it's just how things work in my life. iJustification every single time. So anyway...

It's not like I didn't get to go inside a MAC store before nor haven't gotten close to finally getting myself one because I did and I have but I just never had that 'not buying you is not an option' feels during any of those trips. I initially thought my first MAC would be a red. I even had a research on their reds, what's the difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red and whether I should just go for Viva Glam and then I've eventually decided on Rebel but it never happened. I've also considered going pink with but it doesn't excite me as much because I have a feeling that pink lips won't suit me well? I really don't know, I personally think I cannot pull off Candy Yum Yum or Pink Nouveau just yet but these two are on the top of my pink list. And oh, Girl About Town too. However I once came close to buying Morange/Saigon Summer because I encountered a dupe orangey shade and I actually loved it but then again and again, never happened. I've toyed with the nudes and the neutrals the most. I've pegged so many looks but with MAC's massive collection, I just got lost in it and eventually forgot all about it.

MAC Patisserie. The one who has got the pride and pleasure of holding the First Ever MAC Lipstick in my book! And I regret nothing. The timing of my purchase, who I was with when I bought it, the shade I finally ended up getting and the reason behind why I finally gave it a go. Every single thing about this lippie makes up the perfect story in my timeline and by my standards. I know for some people it's just a lipstick and for some it's a normal thing to shed off Php1000 for a lipstick, to just go off and buy the newest shade for every collection but it's not the same for me. As much as I try to justify it with myself a gazillion times, I just can't make me buy a thousand bucks single purchase worth of lipstick just for the sake of it. But not anymore. At least for this one time, the first time. And this story behind my Patisserie is something worth telling and inspiring even just to my future self. I think you can understand why I can't post a proper review yet because I haven't touched it. Nopes. I have just been looking at it's black tube packaging and pinky nude glory, that's all I've been doing. No swatching, no touching, no nothing. I'm afraid it's going to be like that for a bit - just let me hold on to this feeling a while longer. And I promise, once I've gotten the hang of it, a very detailed and deserving review is coming your way! I obviously love it. Already. And so much!

So tell me, what's yours? I'd love to hear your first ever MAC lipstick story, too!

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