August 09, 2014


Since my love affair with Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional started a few years back and the sad reality that I have used up 2 tubes of them already, I thought it was time to try out something else. I've been on a hunt for a product that works the same way but if possible, wouldn't cost me that much. So when the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser hit the stores and I saw them on display, I had to do a double take. They seriously look the same at first. They even have the word PORE both on their labels, the tube packaging is basically twinning and the colors upfront isn't really that far off from each other as well. There's a word for it in the crazy beauty blogging world we're in - wait for it - a dupe! That's what we all call it, I had to cave in! And for Php299 as opposed to Php1700, I knew that I have to have it and give it a try! And that I did.

Baby Skin Pore Eraser - poreless, baby smooth, lightweight breathable. It is a translucent gel that melts instantly into your skin upon contact. It claims to erase pores, imperfections, lines and crease giving your skin a shine-free, baby smooth finish all day long. It says it also contains cherry extracts known for their antioxidant properties so it won't be a burden to your skin and suitable for all skin tones and skin types. No mirror needed since it's mistake proof. It also does not clog the pores, only applies lightly that you'll forget it's on.

I have to say, for a tiny bit of a face product, that's one too many adjectives. Although I haven't used it enough or for a long time to come up with a proper review just yet, I'll be back with one after a month's time perhaps, right now I'm all for that benefit-of-the-doubt-and-all-that-jazz here. However, I thought I'd share a bit more about my first impression on it as a potential The Porefessional 'Dupe' instead.

Dundurundunnn! My answer is no, it is not a dupe. But that is definitely not saying Pore Eraser is less of a product that it claims to be. It's just not a The Porefessional Dupe for me AND that's not a bad thing at all. And for the sake of the point I am trying to make, I'm giving you my why's. First off, Maybelline's claim is way bolder than that of Benefit's. Pore Eraser, as the name itself suggests, promises to erase the pores at once. The Porefessional only claims to help in minimizing the appearance of pores. Secondly, Pore Eraser is clear and translucent in appearance and applies colorless while The Porefessional is a tinted gel which applies colorless on the skin. When applied, Pore Eraser feels to have a slight moisture in it while The Porefessional shows off a matte feel to it. And lastly, Pore Eraser glides onto your skin like an invisible lightweight veil that covers the pores which erases their appearance while The Porefessional is absorbed by your skin and lightly clings to it that it somehow becomes a part of it as a thinner, smoother outer layer.

On that note, I think what I'm saying here is The Porefessional is a very great, established product of its own. It's one of my first primers and it has set the bar high for me which is why I'd definitely recommend it and eventually repurchase soon. In the same way, Pore Eraser is the new comer in the primer game deserving of a clean slate, unbiased outlook. And that is why I'm welcoming it with open arms -  no prejudices, no expectations and/ or comparisons. I can't wait to get back to you in a month's time to see if and when it's actually lived up to itself. And in my book, having an own identity is just so much better than being known as a dupe of something else. But that's just me...

Have you tried Baby Skin Pore Eraser, The Porefessional, or both perhaps? What's your take on its infamous The Porefessional 'Dupe' claim?

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