August 17, 2014


I've finally managed to unbox my loot from Inglot (you can't blame me if I'm a bit of a rhyme sucker when it comes to blog post titles, eh) and I thought you might fancy knowing what I bought with a 10% discount courtesy of the lovely G5 Inglot Team - thank you guys!!! Like I said on this post, some of the things I picked up with my imaginary shopping cart that day weren't left there to stay until my next visit. A few items, mostly for the eyes, came home with me. Into my life and into my little make up bag.

If there was one thing I was certain when I entered the store for the first time that day, it's that I'm never leaving the place without getting the Eye Makeup Base 01 for myself. It retails for Php695 and you get a good 5.5g of this paraben-free formula of an eye primer in return. It comes in a sturdy black pot that once you twist open, you'll be more than pleased to know it's filled to the brim! This will probably last you for ages considering you won't need much of this product to get it going, a little can definitely go a long way. It provides you a flawless base to help you make the colors of your eye shadows pop out especially if you're doing the smokey eye, prevents the shadows from creasing or transferring and lessens the risk of oiliness on your lids. Quick tip: eye primers are supposed to prevent your shadows from creasing but when you get too excited and apply too much of this on your lids, you will get exactly that - a creased shadow. So try not to. I usually dip my pinky finger onto the tub then lightly rub them on my lids. Not even a circular motion, just a really quick dip to get the littlest amount possible. 

Then the Freedom Palette caught my fancy and a personalized eye shadow selection happened next because how can it not? The black tray with a glass cover palette for 5 single square eye shadows cost Php895 alone as it is sold separately. If it weren't for my love for prettier things, I never would've paid for an eye shadow case with that amount of money but I was far too weak to ignore it or even think logically at that time. You can find lots of affordable palettes in the market as an alternative but since I was looking into investing on a good one anyway, I figured it might as well be this handsome one.

Speaking of investments, given that I've already bought a palette for them, of course I'd purchase the Freedom System Eye Shadows next. I wanted to create a starter palette which will have at least 5 neutral and basic shades I can work with to come up with different looks by using them individually or altogether. So I picked up the shades Matte 391326330, Pearl 397 and AMC Shine 46 which you can get for Php425 each. This has been my go-to palette since I got my sneaky hands on it. You can go from subtle to smokey, dainty to daring, plain to powerful by mixing and matching these colors! They are highly pigmented with a satin feel to them and a silky finish. They also appear to have great color payoff and are super easy to blend. My fave combination at the moment is the Matte 330 as the base with the AMC Shine 46 on top for a subtle sparkle on my eyes for an everyday look.

And that's all of what's inside that little black bag out in the open! My little heart is very happy with these purchases but I'm afraid my savings account feels the opposite - it isn't smiling at all. I think I may have to stop myself from having to visit any make up store in the next few weeks or so... Uh-oh!

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