August 22, 2014


Unlikely place to go make up shopping but department stores are proving to really be a haven for make up fangirls like myself. Here's my unexpected loot from my latest trip:

1. LOL Cosmetics All Bronzed Up 01 | Php139. It's a bronzing powder that appears matte on the pan but when applied, there are traces of shimmer in it. It's just my first product from the brand and I'm excited to try the rest. Next on my list is the other bronzing powder shade, Brown Sugar.

2. Blush Brush/Contour Brush by Robinsons Department Store | Php199.75. I know it's called a blush/contour brush but this somehow reminds me of the Louise Young Super Foundation Brush. Its brush is very dense and the bristles are so soft. It looks and feels more expensive than it really is!

3. Eyebrow Brush by Robinsons Department Store | Php79.75. A finely-angled brush for filling in and contouring eyebrows. The flat angled top is very precise for outlining and the bristles are softly packed together for blending in. The grip is sturdy and the length is ideal for easy application. I personally think this is a steal for its price.

I love it when I find alternatives to high-end products without sacrificing both my savings and their quality. Well, who doesn't really? And as far as first impressions go, I'm fairly impressed with these department store gems. If you ever find yourself inside one next time, give the make up isles a go and you'll be surprised there's a lot of beautiful things waiting to be found out there. It's also the closest experience you can get from a guilt-free make-up shopping and I'd say yes to that every single time!

Have you tried looking into department store for your make up fix? What are your recent department store finds?

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