August 18, 2014


image from Martine de Luna's Facebook Page
One can never ever fully grasp the power that lies behind the social media culture these days until you've experienced its power for yourself. That's exactly what happened to me when I found out about Martine's blogging workshop thru Cheska Kramer's IG account. (That's a lot of namedropping right there.) You see, had I not been browsing her IG page for a daily dose of her very adorable kiddos, I never would've learned about this workshop at all and totally missed my chance on meeting such beautiful people bonded by one beautiful purpose.

Meet Martine de Luna, the person behind Make It Blissful, known as the Blog Coach to the whole blogging community and our workshop director for Blissful Blogging 101. If you told me I'll be meeting the legend that she is a month ago, I never would've believed you. But for some reason, our paths have crossed along with a few more like-minded women I chanced upon meeting through her workshop, and it's easily one of the highlights of my year.

I have finally come to terms that if I want to claim myself as a blogger, I have to deserve the right of being called a blogger first. I have so much respect for bloggers, the amount of work they put into each blog post, the effort they make to produce creative contents, the time they allot to make sure they are on schedule - it's real hard work and there's no easy formula to it. So I don't throw away calling myself one until I've deserved every right to be called as one. And that is why I signed up for this workshop, I saw it as a new step one towards something I've always wanted to be and fortunately for me, I will soon find out that it was all ever meant to be.

Meeting Martine through her workshop enabled me to focus on what is essential to me as a blogger and what is the purpose of my blog. Whether you've made it for personal, passion or profit purposes, attending her workshop has made it easier for me to come into a conclusion on why I've come up with mine or why I've decided to maintain it for years in the first place. It was a crash course but it didn't feel like it was rushed or it was lacking of anything just because it was a speedy approach to a topic that could've lasted us for days if only for brainstorming alone. There was an interactive atmosphere the whole time and all the participating ladies are very welcoming and very open to each other's thoughts and insights. The exercises given were so helpful, it was conducted in a way to get you really involved. Martine herself will also motivate you to get crackin' because she was there hopping from one group to another, discussing ideas, making sure you're on track and not missing a point or two. So Martine, if you're reading this, nice meeting you doesn't even to cover it, but I'd take that, it was nice meeting you and thank you for hosting such a fun and informative event!

And as a result, I'd like to think I was right to take on that new step one when the opportunity presented itself. Because now, I'd like to believe that I am relevantly equipped with a lot of things I was obviously lacking before, or maybe I've had them but lost them somewhere in the middle of it all. The confidence in myself that I am capable of doing great things including creating opportunities for my personal growth, for one. An actual plan on how to actually get to that place I've always wanted to be rather than just imagining getting there someday. A new-found purpose for The Girl and The City as a beauty blog. Which also means I will be blogging intentionally about beauty and everything else in the spectrum - product reviews, make up looks, newest beauty trends and all that jazz from here on. And then you. Now I've got you. This is my way of saying Hello there! to all of you lovely lot who's taking time in reading my little space in the internet. You guys who's probably just as obsessed to know what's up with the newest lipstick shade as I am and who's always dying to get your hands to the newest Lorac palette, too. Thank you, Etude House Philippines for the shout out on your Facebook page. You probably won't even be here if you haven't found me through them and for that, I'm very grateful.

The power of social media justified in my life - the second time around. So um... Hello there, you. *waves*

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