August 14, 2014


Although I am in no way an eyebrow expert myself, I still think it might be time to finally share with you the brow product that's been doing a good job in keeping mine looking filled and proper for quite a while now, at least by my standards. Also since I've mentioned them on my posts a couple of times already. I've decided to do the posts separately though since it'll be too much words and photos in one post if I don't. One will be the review and the next one will be the how I use. This first installment will cover the review part so here we go!

The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil is a creamy eyebrow pencil you can use to shape and fill in the spaces and gaps in between your sparse brows for a more defined look and framed face. From the outside, it literally appears like a pen with double-ended capped tips. It has a retractable drawing pencil with an angled tip in one end and then a brush spoolie on the other end. The drawing pencil is waxy in consistency making it so easy to outline the brows and even easier to blend it all in. However it takes a few strokes before the color starts paying off, especially if you have oily skin. The angled tip comes in handy since it already resembles the default shape of the brows. It's also retractable so there's no need to sharpen at all! Having the spoolie on the other end is very convenient as well. It may not be the best kind of a spoolie out there but it works anyway so that's okay. This way you can brush through your brows before and after the application without needing to grab another item for it. It's perfect to carry around inside your make up kit on a daily basis and for when you're travelling. I think the pen-like form is what makes it easier for everyone to use. I think it helps that the whole process is already a familiar one since it's just like holding an ordinary pen. Once you get a grip of the drawing pen, you can get a steady angle and take full control of the strokes you'll be making. As for the shade, I initially picked out the dark brown shade in 01 but I find it too dark for my liking. So when I repurchased one, I went down a shade lighter and got the 02 instead which I believe is the medium brown. When used alone, it only lasts me a good 4 hours before they start fading on me. I sweat a lot for a girl who's lived her whole life in a tropical country so this is somehow expected of me. That's why I need to retouch and fill them in again for the second time around. That or I just brush them through with an eyebrow mascara or clear mascara gel if I need them to last longer than usual. 

If you're looking for an easy peasy way of getting your eyebrows done, then this is your guy. It looks natural and rarely will you ever go wrong or overdone with it. Even when you do, you can simply blend it all over using the spoolie and erase the excess with a qtip. I highly suggest this one for beginners and outgoing girls who want to get the eyebrow job done without having so much of a bother and fuss while at it. Plus the fact that it retails for Php123.00* doesn't hurt at all!!! Although I can't wait to try the high-end products of the same thing, say the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil and Anastasia Brow Wiz. Because if Etude House can be such an amazing eyebrow product already, I can almost tell the grass is definitely greener on the other side, if not the higher side of things. But for the meantime, this works so this stays in my life and in my make up kit for as long as it takes.

And oh, that's me looking like my exceptionally dorky self after filling in one brow so you can get an idea of how it looks like when swatched on. However for tips and steps on how I use this product, I'll be sharing all that jazz in my next post so you might want to check back again tomorrow for that! Phew! Thanks for reading, just us girls with an incredible beauty obsession can get through 3-ish paragraphs worth of a post about an eyebrow product. I honestly can't think of anyone else who would, ha! So if you reached this far, thank you... and you and you.

Have you tried Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil? What's your go-to eyebrow product of all time?

*Etude House Philippines messaged me on Twitter that it now retails for Php143.00.

Etude House Philippines

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