June 21, 2014

WWJS: Happy Skin in My First Kiss

Shut Up and Kiss Me in First Kiss
Get Cheeky with Me in First Kiss
First things first. I luckily got first dibs on their first ever collection! I got mine as a gift from my Monita during our annual New Year's celebration. They recently launched the brand out here in the Philippines during that time and I was curious to try them out so when the situation presented itself, aka when I was asked to list down my wish, I instantly came up with it. I was even specific as to where you can find 'em - go inside any Plains & Prints store. So technically I have been well using the product for more than a couple of months now. The moisturizing lipstick is called Shut Up & Kiss Me and the blush is called Get Cheeky with Me - how adorably cute are those names though! But wait till you learn about the names of the shades, whole new level of cuteness (and naughtiness on the side)! I got the shade of First Kiss for both. Is it just me or you also think my Monita's on with something when she got me these? Ha!

The Lippie in First Kiss. This lippie offers three-fold lip service: the shine of a gloss; the pigment of a lipstick & the hydration of a balm! Spoil yourself with Shea butter & Collagen to keep your lips in lip-lockin' shape.

WWJS. Check, check and check. There's your three-fold lip service list ticked off! I can't quite believe how they did it but it's true! The packaging is adorable! I know there's been one too many of these chubby stick-ish-esque-like lip products out there but maybe it's because it's practical and easy to use even to store and carry around. The formula feels rich and luxurious on your lips that I really enjoy every application I make. It glides like butter on your lips but it doesn't make them shine or look too oily for your life. One layer is enough but to reach its maximized shade, it will take two layers. And the stain lasts long enough until you've had a drink or two. And the shade? Oh the shade!!! Gorgeous! Kind of fitting to be called the First Kiss actually! It's like a perfect cross between a natural and a pink lip. It gives out a sophisticated color perfect for every day use. There's also no need for a balm or a gloss application because it's ridiculously moisturizing to the lips. It's really so perfect for a working girl like me. The shade's not too loud for daily office use and not to tame for after office shenanigans. And it's extremely flattering, whether you're morena or fair-skinned, it will definitely work on you.

The Blush in First Kiss. Mimic that flush of first love or that fresh, rosy glow brought on by stolen glance. Get Cheeky with Me lends a hydrating tinge of natural color to your cheeks, topping them with a light diffusing sheen that lasts all day. Fake that flush of a First Kiss and bring back that oh-so-loving feeling. This blusher is infused with Cherry Blossoms extract that lock in moisture and keep cheeks fresh and hydrated. Both sweat- and smear-proof, it keeps you blushing until you swipe it off. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

WWJS. I love this!!! I haven't been using any alternative blush since I got my hands on this! The formula is highly pigmented and it sticks out to your cheeks throughout the day even without foundation. When you look at the pan, you'd see a bit of shimmer here and there and when applied, that offers such a healthy glow altogether! I couldn't help to think how fitting the name is for the blush. This is probably how your cheeks looked like after, well, your first kiss. It will give your cheeks a healthy, freshly pinched glow almost instantly and effortlessly. As for packaging, you'd think it's risky to use a box-like structure but this one, for some reason, doesn't get crumpled or crushed or anything you'd expect from a such packaging. It holds up even if it gets tramped on very too often inside my makeup kit. Very good for everyday use and just like the lipstick, super suitable for working girls like you and me.

Kind of late to the bandwagon, it took me long enough actually. If not for a friend overseas who asked me details about Happy Skin the other day, (Hi Monikachelle!) I never would've thought of coming up with a post. Which is rather a shame because there's so much to say about the brand Happy Skin, the products they carry and the country it is from - Republic of the Philippines represent! I love how you get that luxurious feeling upon the application of their products. It doesn't feel heavy on the face and certainly not heavy on the pocket. Also, since they recently launched a new collection for the Summer '14 and it's looking mighty fine! I have come to love their products so when they came up with gorgeous summer shades, I wasn't really surprised, I expected that! Currently itching to get my hands on that The Morning After lippie and blush... How about you, did I convince you yet?

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